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    [Coal Chemical Industry] Green Wisdom Benchmark Set Up by the Yangtze River

    • Last Update: 2022-03-08
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    Although the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still spreading around the world, and despite the cold in the early winter hitting the north and south of the country, the industry is concerned about the 2020 Petroleum and Chemical Industry Development Summit and the 16th Annual Meeting of the China Chemical Industry News Council held in Zhijiang, Hubei from November 21 to 22.

    It has become the consensus of all walks of life in the Yangtze River Economic Belt to "work together to protect and not to engage in major development" and "to put the restoration of the ecological environment of the Yangtze River in an overwhelming position".


    On the afternoon of the 21st, after the delegates drove more than 10 minutes from Zhijiang City, Yaojiagang Chemical Park, located in the northwest of Zhijiang River, came into view.

    At present, Yaojiagang Chemical Park has formed a complete three major chemical industries of coal, phosphorus and salt.

    At the Sanning Company Exhibition Center, one by one pictures, one group of data, one by one physical objects, the participants witnessed the company’s hard work, accelerated upgrades, green and low-carbon transformation and development, and built a beautiful chemical "Sanning Road".

    In the control room of the ethylene glycol project, the huge electronic screen displays the high-definition video images of the production equipment transmitted in real time using machine vision technology to realize intelligent monitoring.

    Li Xianjiang, chairman of Shandong Kangqiao Biotechnology Co.


    "Sanning's 5G smart factory will not only improve management and work efficiency, ensure product quality, but also help enterprises achieve intrinsic safety and environmental protection control.

    "Look at the rotary kiln you installed!" At the site of the hazardous waste treatment and recycling project in Yaojiagang Park, which was constructed by Beijing Enterprises Urban Environmental Resources (Yichang) Co.

    Yaojiagang Chemical Park is located on the north bank of the Yangtze River.

    "The coal raw materials transported by freighters are transported to the coal silo of Sanning Company through the trestle bridge, so that the coal does not land and the production of the enterprise is much more convenient.

    Lei Ting, secretary of the party committee and executive director of Yanchang Petroleum Yanan Energy and Chemical Co.

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