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    Compound Fertilizer: The main event of winter storage, the dawn here is quiet...

    • Last Update: 2022-03-14
    • Source: Internet
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    It has been a while since the end of autumn fertilizer.
    Farmers have not been very enthusiastic about planting grains.
    They mostly choose cheaper ones.
    The sales of chemical fertilizers from small manufacturers are rising, and branded fertilizers have been affected by this.
    Since dealers’ payment has been delayed compared to previous years, they are very cautious about winter storage.
    The sales of diammonium in some regions are bullish.
    The price of diammonium is relatively low this year.
    Farmers in some areas abandon compound fertilizers and switch to diammonium when they use fertilizers in the fall.
    Shaanxi Sanyuan Huifeng Agricultural Resources Co.
    , Ltd.
    Hui Runjun said: “The local field crops are mainly corn and wheat.
    Due to low grain prices, farmers are not very enthusiastic about growing grain.
    80% of farmers expect more output, and 20% Farmers don’t care about the output, as long as the land is not barren.
    It is for this reason that dealers have seen the reduction of farmers’ inputs in agricultural materials, so they have mostly reduced the amount of stocks in the early autumn stocking, so that there are some cases.
    Out of stock phenomenon.
    " Regarding the local sales of diammonium bullish, Hui Runjun explained to reporters: "From mid-to-late August, diammonium began to decline, and the ex-factory price of 57% diammonium was 1900-2000 yuan/ton.
    , We judge that farmers will focus on choices in the fall, so according to this trend, we have made adjustments to the preliminary reserves and prepared more diammonium.
    In fact, the demand for diammonium is indeed strong this season, which has not appeared in previous years.
    Unhealthy competition has caused market chaos, said Cheng Zhaolong, a fertilizer distribution center for Nongdeli, Qufu, Shandong: “The local fruit trees were damaged a lot last winter, so the amount of fertilizer used by farmers on fruit trees was reduced a lot.
    In addition, the price of food was low and corn was purchased.
    The price is 0.
    At 7 yuan per catty, farmers' enthusiasm for growing grain has weakened; although the area of ​​potatoes in the local area is increasing year by year, the quality of the fertilizer used by farmers is not high, and the number of farmers choosing branded fertilizer is decreasing.
    "There is another reason for the impact of branded fertilizers, the impact of counterfeit and inferior products.
    Cheng Zhaolong said that this year's downstream market is the most chaotic year.
    Small manufacturers have exploded and their counterfeiting techniques are smart.
    Farmers only care about prices.
    The lack of concern about the effect has contributed to the trend of fraud.
    I hope that the relevant law enforcement will strictly enforce the law to ensure the healthy development of the market.
    When talking about the transaction model, he reluctantly said: "The downstream credit sales are still too serious.
    This year, the collection of accounts has been slow.
    One is The price of grain is low, and the farmers have not yet sold grain.
    Second, the migrant workers have not returned yet and will not settle the bill until the end of the year.
    "In this regard, Hui Runjun also said: "In previous years, the downstream repayment rate was 70% before October, but this year’s repayment time will be delayed, mainly because of the unpredictable local weather, when the plant was planted some time ago.
    Drought, now it is raining while selling food, and a lot of work cannot be done.
    The start of the winter storage of phosphate and compound fertilizer will be held soon.
    Privately, the dealers think this is the signal of the winter storage, but this year dealers do not expect high values.
    Cheng Zhaolong said: “In terms of urea, because the price of urea is almost full Prices are hovering at low prices throughout the year, so it is estimated that everyone will not store urea in winter.
    As for compound fertilizer, we will wait and see after the winter storage policy is released.
    "Hui Runjun said: "Now everyone is more cautious about the winter reserve.
    One purpose of the reserve is emergency, to prevent the shortage of resources; the other is to have a certain profit.
    Now there is no price difference in the reserve, and no profit, and dealers are not willing to reserve.
    This is Normal reaction to the market.
    The current operation is mainly based on short, flat and fast operations, because the market supply exceeds demand, there will be no shortage of resources, and the payment will arrive at any time, unless there is a corresponding policy, but now the manufacturer’s price has indeed reached the bottom, and the manufacturer’s concession Space is limited.
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