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    Concentrate on industry, education and research to strengthen the industrial chain - Weifang high-end chemical industry alliance cooperation and innovation documentary

    • Last Update: 2022-09-30
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    "At present, our high-performance polyimide series products preparation new process and other 3 technologies have passed the provincial appraisal, reached the domestic leading level, and basically formed the industrial chain technology through.

    This is a new atmosphere
    that has emerged since the establishment of the Weifang High-end Chemical Industry Alliance.

    The high-end chemical industry is the Weifang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government to determine the 5 100-billion-level manufacturing industry key industrial chain industries, the establishment of the high-end chemical industry alliance is an important measure
    to deeply implement the deployment requirements of the "chain length system" of the industrial chain and promote the high-quality development of Weifang's chemical industry.

    Weifang has a total of 755 chemical production enterprises, 9 comprehensive chemical parks, 21 key monitoring points, with a sound scientific and technological research and development system and convenient raw materials, logistics and other supporting facilities, Sinochem Hongrun, Haihua Group, Luqing Petrochemical, Xinhecheng, Alliance Petrochemical, Weijiao Group and a number of other leading enterprises in the industry have strong driving ability, and the level of green and safe high-quality development is increasing
    。 In 2021, the city's chemical enterprises above designated size achieved a new high in operating income, profits and taxes, reaching 325.

    After the establishment of the alliance, it mainly explores the establishment of an information technology research and development and application mechanism with enterprises as the main body, market as the guide, and the combination of production, education and research; Integrate and share technological innovation resources, strengthen cooperative research and development, and promote the deep integration of industrialization and informatization; Establish a joint training mechanism for innovative talents to provide talent support
    for continuous innovation in the industry.

    Through the "series" of chemical enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities in the high-end chemical industry chain, the alliance provides a platform for in-depth cooperation, further strengthens the resource integration and mutually beneficial collaboration between the relevant industries, which will help broaden the development space of the chemical industry and enhance the development level
    of the high-end chemical industry chain.

    As a leading domestic marine chemical enterprise and a "chain master" enterprise for the comprehensive utilization of high-end marine chemical industry, Chi Qingfeng, deputy general manager of Haihua Group, said that he will seize the opportunity of the establishment of the alliance, maximize the advantages of regional resources and industrial foundation, accelerate the construction of modern marine chemical pilot base, strengthen the research on sea, brine desalination and salt and bromine integration projects, and develop new value-added marine chemical products around potassium, bromine and lithium, enhance the value of the industrial chain, and further enhance the core competitiveness
    of enterprises 。 At the same time, in accordance with the industrial development idea of "extending the salinization industry, expanding the energy industry, expanding the petrochemical industry, and developing the new material industry" during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the company promotes the transformation and leap of the enterprise from salt chemical industry to salt chemical industry integration, new energy and new materials, and strives to build the most influential modern marine chemical industry base
    at home and abroad.

    It is reported that Weifang City will take the high-end chemical industry alliance as an important starting point for improving the modernization level of the industrial chain, improve the operation efficiency of the alliance, enhance the independent innovation of the alliance, expand the influence of the alliance, fundamentally improve the core competitiveness of the city's chemical industry, and promote the high-quality development
    of the city's manufacturing industry.

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