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    Drinking Water or Drinking Plastic Safety Hidden Hazards Behind Social Culture

    • Last Update: 2022-05-22
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      Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) coating is a soft plastic film often used as a waterproof liner for paper cups, and researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the United States Layers of disposable hot drink cups were analyzed and found that the LDPE coating released trillions of nanoparticles per liter when exposed to boiling water (100 degrees Celsius)
    More importantly, these nanoparticles contain a large amount of plastic particles

    In other words, when we drink hot drinks from paper cups, our bodies are actually forced to ingest a lot of plastic particles



      Does that mean no paper cups are needed? In theory, this is naturally the ideal solution, but in reality, it is very difficult to completely give up paper cups
    Including mainstream coffee shops and milk tea shops, hot drinks for takeaway basically rely on paper cups for packaging

    At the same time, with the influence of office social culture, the popularity of hot milk tea and hot coffee delivery among young people is very high today

    In other words, the popularization of paper cups, along with the established living habits, has subtly brought microplastics to our lips



      Not only that, in addition to paper cups, many food tools, non-stick or water-resistant coatings in utensils are also LDPE, such as food-grade baking tools
    Therefore, the connection between paper cups and microplastics, in fact, the deeper problem is the current material problems in disposable packaging and disposable processing tools



      Therefore, in fact, behind this potential safety hazard, what is revealed is the urgent need for the development of materials science
    With the full implementation of the ban on plastics, paper has become a temporary substitute for
    plastic products in many fields , and in order for paper to achieve the stability of plastics, it is often necessary to use coatings to achieve functional Extend
    But in actual use, many problems still affect the use and safety

    However, we are not helpless.
    In fact, there have been solutions to a certain extent in the world.
    For example, in the use of plastics, polylactic acid (PLA) has replaced traditional plastic straws and plastic cups with its degradable properties


    plastic products
      Although we cannot speculate whether to replace the coating or directly replace the material of the disposable heat container in order to solve the problem of nanoparticle release, it is clear that with the help of existing technology and instruments, with the development of society and the Under the urgent needs of people's health, the day of the arrival of new materials should not be far away


      Original title: Drinking water or drinking plastic hidden safety hazards behind social culture
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