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    East China Petroleum Bureau successfully tested water-based drilling fluid

    • Last Update: 2021-06-13
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      Sinopec News Network News April 22, East China Petroleum Bureau’s first shale gas well, Shengye 27-1HF, constructed with water-based drilling fluid, was successfully completed, saving more than 25% of the cost compared to using oil-based drilling fluid.
    It is environmentally friendly.
    The benefits are significant.

      Mud is known as the "blood" of drilling.
    In the process of drilling horizontal shale gas wells, oil-based mud is generally used for drilling.
    Oil-based mud is resistant to high temperature, salt and calcium corrosion, which is beneficial to well wall stability, good lubricity, and less damage to oil and gas formations, but the cost is higher.

      In order to solve the problem of high cost of oil-based drilling fluids, Chongqing Shale Gas Co.
    , Ltd.
    carried out water-based drilling fluid tests at the target layer of the work area, and carried out joint research with the Chongqing Project Department of East China Engineering, and continued to optimize the construction plan and water-based drilling fluid system.
    Researchers use a variety of inhibitors to synergize to ensure the strong inhibition performance of the drilling fluid, use multi-level plugging agent compounding to reduce the loss of drilling fluid, improve the plugging effect of the drilling fluid on the shale formation, and adjust the drilling fluid in actual drilling.
    The density balances the pore pressure of the formation and realizes effective stress support to the borehole wall, ensuring the success of the Shengye 27-1HF well test.

      The successful construction of the well shows that the water-based drilling fluid can meet the safety drilling construction requirements of shale gas horizontal wells in the Nanchuan work area.
    In the next step, Chongqing Shale Gas Co.
    , Ltd.
    will continue to promote the promotion and application of water-based drilling fluids in the work area to promote the efficient and environmentally friendly development of regional atmospheric shale gas.
    (Shen Zhijun, He Nengju Sun Gang)

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