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    Facility strawberry intelligent, precise water and fertilizer integration technology has come to fruition

    • Last Update: 2022-03-28
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    The integration demonstration of strawberry intelligent precision water and fertilizer integration technology in 2015, hosted by Zheng Yusuo, senior agronomist at Tianjin Soil and Fertilizer Station, was successfully implemented and achieved initial results
    The project carried out demonstration construction in Beihu Village, Xiaozhan Town, Jinnan District, and Strawberry Planting Base in Yangliuqing Third Street, Xiqing District.
    The demonstration area was 80 mu, and the demonstration of integrated water and fertilizer technology was carried out.
    The selection of water-soluble fertilizer varieties and carbon dioxide generators , Strawberry special substrate and three-dimensional cultivation and other technical product application demonstrations, designed and developed a practical intelligent irrigation and fertilizer applicator, and innovatively integrated root soil moisture and EC automatic monitoring and collection on the basis of traditional fertilizer applicators, which improved the timely collection and collection of technical indicators and parameters.
    The level of scientific application
    During the period, for the weak links of three-dimensional substrate cultivation and the application of intelligent fertilizer applicators, technology demonstration households were organized to study and observe at the Beijing Changping Strawberry Base
    At present, various technical measures implemented through the project have achieved phased results, and a technical model of efficient water and fertilizer utilization that integrates automation, efficient irrigation and scientific fertilization technology has been initially established, which has improved the level of accurate water and fertilizer management, and established a demonstration of strawberry water and fertilizer integration technology.
    The window improves the city’s facilities and the level of sightseeing agriculture
    Strawberries in the demonstration sites are growing well and are expected to be on the market before the Spring Festival, and show a good production base
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