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    Fourth Construction Contracted to Construct Ningbo Jinfa Low Temperature Propane Tank and Started Dome Lifting

    • Last Update: 2021-06-05
    • Source: Internet
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      Sinopec News Network reported on May 24 that the top of the cryogenic propane tank of Ningbo Golden Discovery Materials Co.
    , Ltd.
    , which was constructed by the Fourth Construction Company, began to be hoisted, marking that the cryogenic propane tank has officially entered the installation stage.

      According to reports, Ningbo Golden Discovery Material Co.
    , Ltd.
    has 4 prefabricated dome reinforcement sheets for 12,000 cubic meters of low-temperature propane tanks, each with a length of 37 meters and a weight of 15.
    5 tons.
    There are 20 dome sheets and a weight of 15 tons.
    A total of 24 prefabricated dome sheets.
    The weight is 383 tons and the estimated lifting time is 7 days.

      The Ningbo Jinfa Project Department of the Fourth Construction Storage and Transportation Company undertaking the construction overcomes the difficulties of narrow site, tight crane station and construction in rainy season.
    When prefabricating, every two topsheets are a set, and they will be shifted and placed in time after the prefabrication is completed.
    Not messy.
    The project department also organized safety, quality, and technical clarifications in time for site prefabrication, installation and hoisting.
    On-site safety supervision, quality inspection personnel and operators stayed at the construction site to deal with on-site problems at the construction site.

      In order to ensure the welding quality, the welded H-shaped steel butt joint is polished by a grinder, and then ultrasonically inspected.
    Only after it is qualified can the vault steel plate be laid.
    In order to prevent the deformation of the vault welding, during the technical clarification, the project department requires the welder to strictly follow the process, step-by-step and layer-by-layer welding, and the minimum welding foot height is not less than the thickness of the wood sheet, and at the same time, to control the problem of low ageing during welding.
    It is required that each weld after welding must be cleaned with a grinder.

      In order to ensure the safety during the hoisting process, before hoisting, the HSE department of the project carefully inspects the hoisting rigging used to ensure the safe, orderly and smooth progress of the project construction.
    After nearly 40 days of intense construction, the project department organized hoisting as scheduled on May 24 and successfully realized the project control point.

      (Qu Zhaogui Sun Jianyuan)

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