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    Guangzhou Petrochemical: Never let any parameter change abnormally

    • Last Update: 2021-10-05
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    The fractionation tower separates carbon five components from light components below carbon four by distillation to produce liquefied gas and pentane oil products.
    Tower pressure is one of the factors that control product quality.
    Excessive tower pressure will reduce the fractionation efficiency of light components below C4 and C5 components, and easily lead to excessive vapor pressure of Cpentapentane oil products.
    If it is low, it will increase the loss of pentane oil product and also affect the product quality of liquefied gas.

    "Master Liao, the tower pressure has only increased by 30 kPa.
    The slight change may be caused by changes in the ambient temperature.
    " Chen Zhilong, an operator of the No.
    1 reformer who is studying the device in the area, analyzed.

    "Failure to investigate the cause of the abnormal rise in tower pressure in time will not only affect the adjustment of other parameters of the tower, but also affect product quality.
    " Liao Yujun said.
    Because there is no abnormality in other operating parameters, based on years of operating experience, Liao Yujun preliminarily judged that the abnormal rise in tower pressure was not caused by ambient temperature, and the tower pressure measuring instrument was more likely to fail.

    Liao Yujun immediately reported the abnormal change to the squad leader Chen Ruoqing, and contacted the instrument staff to check on the spot.

    Through the inspection by the instrument personnel, it was found that due to the long-period operation of the pressure measuring instrument, individual components were aging, which affected the accuracy of the measurement.
    After replacing the meter, the pressure at the top of the tower returned to normal.

    "Master Liao is really eye-catching.
    You can find hidden dangers through small changes.
    " Chen Zhilong said admiringly afterwards.

    "Any abnormality can be traced, and the abnormal change of any parameter cannot be ignored.
    Only by finding the cause as soon as possible and eliminating it completely can the safe and stable operation of the device be ensured.
    " Liao Yujun said.

    (Huang Minqing, Fan Manqing)

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