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    Gudong Oil Production Management Zone 2 presses the "accelerator button" for profitable production

    • Last Update: 2021-08-24
    • Source: Internet
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    China Petrochemical News Network reported that "46 parameter optimization wells have been completed remotely.
    Among them, the fluid supply of the GO7-24-3375 well has deteriorated after parameter adjustment, and the other wells are stepping up the follow-up


    "The replacement of 3 tons of oil in the small tank of the GO6-29-2555 well has been completed


    "Steam injection well GOGD2P12 well, pressure 22.
    5MPa, temperature 367℃, instantaneous 7.
    2m³/h", cumulative injection 1529m³.

    On the evening of June 25, the production and operation group in the second area of ​​oil production management at the Gudong Oil Production Plant in Shengli Oilfield continued to increase production

    Faced with the dual effects of the flash stop of the main line in the early stage and the sudden increase of lying wells, the production situation in the second area of ​​oil production management is in urgent need

    On the afternoon of June 24, the district urgently held a discussion meeting on measures to clarify the direction for the next step in production

    At the meeting, the technical personnel of each block briefly reported the production situation, the reasons for the underproduction and the established measures

    Subsequently, the manager of the management area Su Zhonghua pointed out the next direction of production according to the production situation: centralized implementation of a batch of adjustments and oil replacement workloads, immediate compensation for production decline risks, and alleviation of short-term stable production pressure; Increase production, long-term effectiveness, and ensure efficient operation of production

    Three points for deployment, seven points for implementation

    Each shift station and office (center) in this management area keeps a close eye on the production target, and then re-energize, re-pressurize, re-accelerate, and re-tighten the string, and continuously optimize production and operation from the details, so as to reduce the natural decline of old wells as the "direction".

    (Yin Yonghua Chen Shan)

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