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    Gulei Petrochemical: EVA grabs the construction period!

    • Last Update: 2022-10-18
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    "It's 56 days back! It's really not easy!" Li Jianjun, deputy operator of Gulei Petrochemical's EVA plant compression post, said with emotion
    On April 29, after nearly a month of unremitting efforts, the flushing of the circulating water pipeline of the device was successfully completed, which provided the necessary conditions for the device to be put into operation


    Affected by the installation progress of the medium and high pressure equipment, the construction of the circulating water pipeline in the EVA unit is lagging behind, and the flushing of the circulating water pipeline is slow.
    Pipeline flushing plan" and "fire water introduction plan", use fire water to flush all circulating water pipelines in the device

    Due to the large amount of flushing work and the small number of cooperating personnel in the construction unit, from the beginning of the preparation work, the employees of the Second Chemical Industry Department will solve the problems that they can solve by themselves.
    equipment, protection of PLC system panels,

    Through hard work, the second chemical department successfully completed the circulating water flushing work on April 29, which was completed 56 days ahead of the original plan, and sufficient time was reserved for the smooth development of many subsequent works


    "Diene" yield hits new high again

    "Diene" yield hits new high again

    Since the beginning of this year, facing the severe market situation, Gulei Petrochemical has focused on improving the safety, stability, long-term cycle and optimized production of its equipment, digging deep into the potential and increasing efficiency, and focusing on improving economic and technical indicators
    On May 1, the "diene" yield of the ethylene plant reached 51.
    7%, a new record high, of which the yield of ethylene was 34.
    9% and the yield of propylene was 16.


    Yang Ruizhe is finely adjusting the operation in the cracking post

    Since the project was put into operation, Gulei Petrochemical has set up a research team to carry out technical research on major economic indicators such as improving the yield of "diene", explore the best cracking depth under different raw material conditions, and find out the best operating conditions of the cracking furnace
    After unremitting efforts, the research team has basically figured out the optimal cracking depth under different raw material compositions

    Since February 23, 2022, the yield of "diene" has been above 50.

    This is the satisfactory answer submitted by all the staff of Gulei Petrochemical Chemical Department after hundreds of days and nights of continuous exploration and attempts


    In the next step, all staff of Gulei Petrochemical will strengthen management, operate meticulously, and deeply tap internal potential in accordance with the goals determined by the company's thematic actions, and strive to complete the task of reducing losses and increasing efficiency

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