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    Hubei Prevention and Control of Hazardous Chemical Safety Risks

    • Last Update: 2022-01-24
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      Sinochem News Network News On January 10, the Hubei Provincial Safety Committee Office organized a video conference on the promotion and implementation of the "Hubei Province Hazardous Chemical Construction Project and Chemical Park (Enterprise) Safety Risk Prevention, Control and Improvement Work Plan" to deploy the 2022 Hazardous Chemical Industry The rectification and improvement actions of product construction projects, enterprises and chemical parks require all localities to formulate a rectification action plan by the end of January and carry out a comprehensive investigation; before the end of September, the rectification action should be basically completed; before the end of December, provincial and municipal supervision and inspection and hidden danger rectification should be formed closed loop

      Xu Ke, member of the Party Committee and Chief Engineer of the Hubei Provincial Emergency Management Department, required that the rectification action should "focus on chemical projects", check from the source, and renew the five aspects of the general plan, technology, equipment and pipelines, automation control system, and public auxiliary projects.
    Find out the deficiencies and problems in the construction and operation according to the standards and specifications; focus on the five aspects of "legal compliance, employee qualifications, safety facilities and equipment, safety management and information construction" of chemical enterprises; "focus on chemical industry parks" , focusing on 7 aspects such as "planning and access, four areas and surrounding environment, closed management, safety training network, emergency rescue capability, organization and personnel setting, and intelligent management and control platform construction", through rectification actions, to create safe production hard environment


      Xu Ke emphasized that the rectification action must adhere to the principle, and the diagnosis report, "one case for one enterprise" and "one case for one park" must be standardized and practical; Repeat; administrative measures such as ordering rectification, administrative punishment, suspension of production and work for rectification, temporary suspension or revocation of licenses, etc.
    must be used in a legal and standardized manner


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