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    In the era of smart water affairs, the NB-IoT smart water meter industry has a bright future

    • Last Update: 2022-05-24
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    Chemical machinery and equipment network industry dynamics chemical machinery and equipment
      In May 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Notice on Comprehensively and Deeply Promoting the Comprehensive Development of Mobile Internet of Things", proposing to establish a comprehensive ecosystem of mobile Internet of Things with the coordinated development of NB-IoT, 4G and 5G
    This notice clarifies the technical development direction of China's smart meters in the future.
    From chip and module suppliers, down to water supply plants and real estate developers, as well as the three major operators in the entire industry, they have all begun to promote NB-IoT smart meters.
    Industry development, promotion and deployment



      With the development of Internet of Things technology, China has also kept pace with the times and ushered in changes in the field of water meters.
    With the help of various technologies such as the Internet of Things, China has realized the application from traditional mechanical water meters to NB-IoT smart water meters



      In order to further improve the urban water supply environment and ensure the normal water use of residents, recently, Hubei Qianjiang City Chengfa Water Group has actively introduced NB-IoT smart water meters and promoted their use in accordance with the needs of the masses, and replaced the smart water meters for free for residents in old communities
    Up to now, the group has replaced 1,068 NB smart water meters for the Municipal Party Committee Community, Jinxiu Qiancheng Community, Nanhe Community and other communities

    This year, it plans to replace 15,000 old water meters with NB smart water meters



      It is reported that the NB-IoT smart water meter can realize remote data transmission and monitoring through the Internet of Things technology.
    Compared with traditional water meters, it has the advantages of real-time transmission, accurate measurement, intuitive and easy-to-read, etc.
    Use information such as water usage, avoid running, leaking, dripping and other phenomena of tap water, and guide users to use water scientifically and save water

    At the same time, the NB-IoT smart water meter can also realize online payment, which is simple and convenient to operate, which can improve the living convenience of residents



      The application of NB-IoT technology makes up for the shortcomings of GPRS water meters and CDMA water meters, and effectively solves the problems of signal coverage and power consumption
    As the sensing end of smart water affairs, NB-IoT smart water meter has become an important starting point for various water meter companies to enter the smart water affairs market



      Recently, Ningshui Group stated in its 2021 annual financial report that in 2021, the company's core mainstream product NB-IoT water meter sales will increase by more than 30.
    00% year-on-year, and operating income will increase by 15.
    99% year-on-year



      Sanchuan Wisdom said that in 2021, the company will actively seize the development opportunities of the mobile Internet and NB-IoT narrowband Internet of Things, and make full use of the first-mover advantages in the industry's earlier research and development, production and sales of NB-IoT Internet of Things water meters and demonstration of large-scale commercial use The effect has vigorously expanded the application of NB-IoT IoT water meters, which has promoted the company's performance growth


      According to a rough estimate, the number of NB-IoT water meters that have been installed and will be shipped and installed has exceeded 10 million units, which is at the forefront of the vertical industry
    Industry analysts believe that with the official commercial use of 5G, relying on the technical characteristics of 5G technology with high bandwidth, low latency, and large connections, combined with NB-loT, it will bring better technical solutions and richer applications for the development of smart water services.



      As the country promotes the construction of new urbanization, smart cities and water-saving cities, the implementation of tiered water prices, the strengthening of civil "three meter" management, and the acceleration of the construction and application of new infrastructure such as 5G and the Internet of Things are superimposed to promote NB-IoT intelligent The demand for water meters is growing rapidly, and the industry prospects are bright


      Original title: The future of NB-IoT smart water meter industry is promising in the era of smart water affairs
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