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    Issue 44/2015 - Localization of environmentally friendly series of nuclear-grade protective materials

    • Last Update: 2022-11-13
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    China National Offshore Oil Corporation said on November 9 that its CNOOC Development Changzhou Coatings Research Institute's "15,000 tons of environmentally friendly series of nuclear-grade protective materials research and development" project was officially signed
    in Jiangsu.
    After the completion of the project, it can meet the needs
    of China's nuclear power industry for high-performance, environmentally friendly nuclear power coating materials and nuclear waste treatment and other technical products.

    Nuclear power coating material is like the sunscreen people use every day, but it is not against sun exposure, but from high-intensity radiation to protect nuclear power facilities over time
    China's nuclear-grade coating materials are mostly monopolized by foreign companies due to historical reasons, and the latest nuclear power coating material technology and nuclear waste treatment (spent fuel neutron shielding) technology are also blocked by foreign technology, which limits the sustainable development
    of China's nuclear power industry.

    CNOOC Changzhou Institute specializes in the development of industrial coatings and specialty coatings
    In 2007, Changzhou Institute undertook the national 863 project "Research on water-based high-performance anti-radiation coating materials", innovatively using water-based anti-radiation coating materials to replace traditional solvent-based coatings, which is environmentally friendly and high-performance coatings for nuclear power plants, which not only ensures the harsh performance of nuclear special requirements, but also saves energy and emission reduction, is healthy and environmentally friendly, filling the gap
    in this field in China.

    Tan Weimin of the Institute of Functional Coatings of CNOOC Changzhou Institute said that a series of nuclear-grade protective coatings have been successfully developed to meet the requirements of the latest nuclear power plants, and the performance tests of the products have passed the inspection of national authorities and can withstand 60 years of large-dose nuclear irradiation
    in nuclear power plant reactors.
    Nuclear power coatings alone have obtained 6 national invention patents, and participated in the formulation of 1 set of 6 nuclear power industry standards of the National Energy Administration


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