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    Issue 9, 2017 - LANXESS completes acquisition of Chemtura AG

    • Last Update: 2022-11-11
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    LANXESS completes acquisition of Chemtura on April 21, LANXESS announced the completion of the acquisition of Chemtura, ahead of
    schedule, and all relevant regulatory authorities have approved the transaction
    The acquisition, the largest acquisition in LANXESS's history, significantly enriches LANXESS' additives portfolio and expands its presence
    in North America.
    The region's share of global sales has increased from approximately 17% to approximately 21%.

    In addition to additives, Chemtura's polyurethane and organometallic compounds businesses will be integrated into LANXESS's portfolio
    Annual synergies from the transaction are expected to reach EUR 100 million in 2020 and are expected to boost LANXESS' earnings
    per share in the first full fiscal year following the acquisition.

    "This acquisition is another significant step in the Group's restructuring process and an important milestone
    on our growth path.
    It further accelerates the formation
    of the 'new' LANXESS.
    The expansion of the additives business will be a new strong pillar of
    LANXESS' business.
    Thanks to the new organizational structure and a more balanced product portfolio, LANXESS will significantly increase
    its stability and profitability.
    At the same time, Chemtura has significantly expanded our presence
    in the North American growth region.
    Matthias Zachert, Chairman of the Board of Management of LANXESS AG, said
    At present, we will focus on the rapid and smooth integration of new businesses and new employees, while providing the best service
    to new and existing customers.
    Upon completion of the stronger pillar
    transaction from LANXESS, LANXESS plans to integrate its entire additives business into the new Specialty Additives segment
    The new pillar of the LANXESS Group, with annual sales of around 2 billion euros, was integrated into LANXESS Additives and Anno Borkowsky
    The Rhein Chemie business unit consists of the existing Rubber & Pigment Additives business unit, headed by Philipp Junge

    Strengthening profitable business:
    Flame retardants and lubricant additives LANXESS is strengthening its competitive position
    in lubricant additives
    and industrial-grade synthetic lubricants.
    The company expects that thanks to the steady growth of demand for performance and environmental protection, the medium-term market for industrial lubricant additives will grow
    at an average annual rate of 3%~4%.
    In addition, LANXESS significantly expanded its position in the flame retardant additives market by taking over the bromine flame retardant additives, bromine and bromine derivatives businesses
    of the former Chemtura Company.

    New business areas:
    Polyurethanes and organometallic compounds
    Polyurethanes are a completely new business area
    for LANXESS.
    After the acquisition, the business will be integrated into LANXESS's newly formed Polyurethane Systems business unit headed by Markus Eckert
    The division's products include hot-cast prepolymers, special waterborne polyurethane dispersions and polyester polyols
    Another new business area of the company is organometallic compounds
    These compounds can be used as catalysts in polymer production, as well as in
    fine chemicals and pharmaceutical synthesis processes.
    The business will be integrated into the existing LANXESS High Quality Industrial Intermediates business unit


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