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    Jiamusi Police Detected an Inter-provincial Case of Manufacturing and Selling Fake Pesticides

    • Last Update: 2022-03-16
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    Recently, the Jiamusi City Public Security Bureau cracked an extremely large case of counterfeiting registered trademarks and manufacturing and selling fake pesticides, confiscated a large number of counterfeit equipment, seized two tons of counterfeit chemical raw materials, and 189 boxes of finished fake glyphosate products, with a total value of more than 2.
    8 million yuan
    On May 30, the Economic Security Detachment of the Jiamusi City Public Security Bureau received a report from a company in Shandong Province: A "Yuduoshou" brand pesticide operated by the "Fengshou Seed Store" in Xiangyang District, Jiamusi City, counterfeiting its company's patented product "Super Jade "Lovesickness" seriously infringed on its corporate interests
    After receiving the police, the Economic Insurance Detachment immediately launched an investigation, and in the afternoon of the same day seized 150 boxes of "Jade Duoshou" brand pesticides, valued at RMB 75,000, at the Fengshou Seed Store
    According to the owner of the store, Mr.
    Yun, he bought the pesticide from a salesman, Mr.
    In order to be cheap, Yan bought 180 pesticides twice by mail without asking for a product certificate, and sold 30 pesticides in retail in Jiamusi area
    The investigators first seized the counterfeit pesticides, and with the cooperation of Yan, they verified that the formalities provided by Chang were all forged from a pharmaceutical company in Shandong
    In June, the police arrested all three suspects, including Chang XX, who were suspected of producing and selling fake pesticides
    After interrogation, the three suspects confessed to their crimes
    Since October 2015, they have produced more than 270 tons of herbicides such as "glyphosate", "yuliduo" and "yuxiangsi" that counterfeit other people's brands, with a total value of more than 2.
    8 million yuan involved
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