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    Jianghan Downhole Testing Company helps shale gas achieve another million square meters

    • Last Update: 2021-06-06
    • Source: Internet
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      News from Sinopec News​On May 12, good news came from the Fuling Shale Gas Field.
    The Jiaoye 11-S6HF well constructed by the Jianghan Petroleum Engineering Downhole Testing Company was tested with a 12mm nozzle and achieved a high output of 582,000 cubic meters per day.
    The industrial gas flow, with an unobstructed flow rate exceeding one million cubic meters per day, created the highest production record for the development wells in the upper gas layer of the Fuling shale gas field, marking the company's new progress in technical services for gas field exploration and development.

      The Jiaoye 11-S6HF well is one of the seven wells simultaneously constructed on the Jiaoye 11 west platform.
    It is located in Yongfeng Village, Jiaoshi Town, Fuling District, Chongqing City.
    It is the Jiaoshiba block of the Fuling shale gas field for development and adjustment to increase reserves.
    Key wells deployed for production level and recovery rate.

      The well is an upper gas layer well.
    Compared with the lower gas layer, the upper gas layer has many problems such as poorer resource quality, lower pressure coefficient, and difficulty in increasing production.
    After receiving the task, the downhole testing company attached great importance to it.
    On April 3, the JH-YL106 acid fracturing team of all-electric drive equipment was organized to start fracturing operations on the well.

      The company adheres to the concept of "Achieving Party A is achieving itself".
    From the perspective of serving the production of gas fields, the company deeply analyzes how to improve the effect of fracturing gas testing.
    To this end, the company, together with the gas field and engineering institute, deeply optimized the fracturing process, analyzed the materials entering the well and rationally arranged the organization and operation, and proposed that the main body adopts "multi-cluster dense cutting + flow-limiting perforation + temporary plugging and steering + high-efficiency paving" fracturing.
    Process; silt and high-sand ratio medium-sand slugs use 0.
    12% drag reduction water to carry sand to improve paving efficiency; "slugs" and "medium-long slugs" sand adding modes promote efficient proppant migration and paving, etc.
    Measures, and insist on analyzing and summarizing the fracturing construction section by section every day, which effectively guarantees the effect of the process.
    On April 11, the company completed all 34 fracturing operations of the well at high speed and high quality.

      The high production of the well is the result of the downhole testing company actively working with the Fuling shale gas field to deepen the “integrated” cooperation between Party A and Party B and “customized” optimization of the construction process, which has found an optimized adjustment path for subsequent effective fracturing of the same type of wells.
    , Has important guiding significance.

      (Chen Ming)

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