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    Jianghan Logging Uses Characteristic Techniques to Fight the Offensive Battle of Expanding the City and Creating Effectiveness

    • Last Update: 2021-09-12
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      China Petroleum & Chemical News.
    com "It's amazing! Our tractor won the competition on the same stage with a well-known foreign oil service company and successfully completed the logging task of Ning 209 H70-1 well!" Say


      Petrochemical Jingwei Jianghan Logging Branch Company unswervingly follows the path of characteristic development, optimizes resources in an all-round way, and makes every effort to build a profit-making offensive battle to expand the city.
    While serving the Fuling shale gas exploration and development, it has opened up Sichuan, Chongqing, and Changqing.
    , Tarim and China Geological Survey and other external markets

    Up to now, the company's characteristic business income is 200 million yuan


      Tractor technology challenges high-difficulty construction

      This year, due to the dual impact of the epidemic and low oil prices, investment in oil ports has drastically reduced and market competition has intensified
    In the face of challenges and opportunities, how can small majors show great achievements?

      The company continues to carry out research on technology applications, continuously enriches the technical sequence, and forms a "tractor +" industrial chain centered on tractors covering multiple fields such as logging, perforation, and downhole engineering, which has enhanced market competitiveness

      "Most of the wells we are working on this year are highly difficult wells.
    The success rate of tractor logging in one well is over 99%, which is an improvement compared to last year!" said Zhou Chengbing, deputy director of the tractor center


      In order to deal with complex wells such as ultra-high temperature, ultra-high pressure, long horizontal section and large inclination, the company independently developed the fourth-generation JHQY-D tractor.
    Compared with previous generations of tractors, the mechanical structure of the JHQY-D tractor It is more reasonable, with stronger impact resistance, and the damage rate is greatly reduced

    In the Jiaoye 11-Z1HF well, the company used the JHQY-D tractor to transport the optical fiber cable to the bottom of the adjacent well Jiaoye 11-S10HF well.
    The optical fiber cable was used as the information transmission medium to monitor the pressure in the Jiaoye 11-Z1HF well.
    The whole process of fracturing marked the success of the first domestic tractor optical fiber fracturing monitoring construction

    In Ning H22-3 well, the company applied the original tractor perforation technology and successfully applied it on the overhaul derrick platform for the first time-the Jianghan tractor once again solved the problem of horizontal well transportation


      With strong technical strength and outstanding performance, it has successfully realized the continuous expansion of market share from 1 to N.
    This year, the revenue of the tractor business has increased by 13% year-on-year


      Multi-stage perforation market "blooms more"

      "As of now, the multi-level perforating center has created an output value of 150 million yuan

      How did you hand over this beautiful "transcript"?

      Jianghan Logging Branch has continuously optimized the multi-level perforation technology, summed up experience, firmly established the concept of “creating high-quality projects and seizing a market”, continued to carry out technological innovation and brand creation, and continuously improved the quality of service.
    Achieve the ultimate, win word of mouth with quality, and stand firm in the market


      In Pingqiao 101 Well, the company set three national construction records, including the longest single well perforation span of 1601 meters, the maximum number of tubing transmission perforation clusters, and the maximum number of tubing transmission perforation initiation levels of 30.
    The golden signboard "Kong" gets brighter and brighter


      The company has transformed its technological advantages, brand advantages, and performance advantages into market advantages and expanded its market scale.
    It has successively opened up a number of external markets such as Sichuan and Chongqing, Changqing, Shunbei, Midong, etc.
    , and realized a multi-level perforation market.
    Point blooming

    The Changning H21B platform deployed by the Sichuan Changning Natural Gas Company set a new national construction record for the longest horizontal section of pumping perforation of 3,200 meters, and the number of single well clusters at most 408 clusters; the first stage of continuous operation was completed in the Sudong 44-57H1 well in the Changqing Oilfield.
    Oil perforation construction


      "Our multi-stage perforating technology will go further and further!" Li Zhi, director of the company's multi-stage perforating center, said firmly

      Integrated measurement, recording and guidance helps improve quality, speed and efficiency

      Recently, the logging company applied the integrated technology of fixed, logging and guiding to help Shengye 9-2HF well create 3 construction records, which are the longest horizontal section (3583 meters) of shale gas wells and domestic shale gas development wells.
    conventional drilling LWD trip longest-foot (3006 m) record, Sichuan and Chongqing work area above 6,000 meters of shale gas well drilling shortest cycle (45.
    5 days) record, won the highly recognized party


      "This technology is like
    attaching a'navigator ' to the drill bit-changing'myopia archery' into'targeting with a sighting device' .
    " said Cheng Guoliang, director of the company's measurement and control center


      The company discovers room for technological advancement from actual engineering and technical services, and continuously improves and perfects the integrated technology of fixed measurement, recording and guidance
    At present, this technology can effectively improve the drilling encounter rate of the target layer of horizontal wells and the accuracy of predicting the drilling trajectory; by transmitting various data, the accuracy of judging the characteristics of the formation and reservoir can be improved, and it can help the exploration and development to speed up, improve quality and improve efficiency


      This technology has been successfully applied to platforms/wells such as Jiaoye 11-7HF in Fuling Gas Field, Yizhiye 2HF Well of Sinopec, and Lu 203H58-3 Well of PetroChina Sichuan Shale Gas Exploration and Development Company

      Since the beginning of this year, the company has taken full advantage of the integration of fixed measurement, recording and guidance to provide technical services to Party A.
    It has been praised and appreciated many times, creating good economic benefits and enhancing market influence and competitiveness

    (Xu Yuan)

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