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    Jianghan Oilfield Research Institute Experimental Center Builds a National Shale Gas Key Laboratory Documentary

    • Last Update: 2021-10-12
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    Recently, the QC research team of the Experimental Center of the Research Institute won the first prize of the 2020 Oilfield Quality Management Team Achievement Award for "Improving the Efficiency of Clay Mineral X-ray Diffraction Analysis and Testing", and reported and exchanged at the Excellent Achievement Conference.
    In addition, the 13th Five-Year National Petroleum Special Project "Study on the Seepage Mechanism and Development Technology Policy of Inter-salt Shale Oil in Qianjiang Depression" was successfully completed in 4 years and has now entered the acceptance stage.

    For a long time, the experimental center of the Research Institute has been combining scientific research and production practice, constantly exploring and innovating, doing detailed analysis and testing, actively participating in scientific research, and striving to build the laboratory into a national shale gas key laboratory and a Sinopec shale oil and gas key laboratory.
    , Give full play to the experimental advantages, provide reliable experimental technical support for the exploration and development of Jianghan Oil Region and Fuling shale gas field, sharpen the "eyes" for scientific research and production, and strive to explore unknown oil and gas secrets.

    Strictly control quality and improve analysis, testing and research capabilities

    The center is responsible for the analysis and testing of oil and gas rock samples in the oil field.
    It has established a mature conventional oil and gas experimental technology system in geochemistry, rock minerals, development testing, and enhanced oil recovery, including 49 special analysis and testing research technologies, which continue to support Conventional oil and gas exploration and development in oil fields.
    In view of the fact that the domestic shale oil and shale gas experimental technology is still in the exploratory stage, the technical staff of the center, based on the actual conditions of Fuling shale gas and Jianghan shale oil, through investigation and study, continuous research and exploration, repeated testing, and in the parameter characterization, In terms of experimental testing, evaluation and sample processing, it has independently formed 7 core shale oil and gas experimental technologies, and gradually established a series of related technologies to basically meet the needs of the oilfield.

    Since the beginning of this year, the center has strictly controlled the quality of testing, optimized the experimental program according to the different characteristics of the samples, and improved the analysis and testing research capabilities.
    In the rock permeability test and analysis of Well Fuye 10, the technicians of the center initially used the core plunger pulse attenuation method for the denser rock according to the requirements of the project to conduct the test and analysis, and the experimental results obtained were larger than the actual error.
    , It is very likely to mislead the later scientific research work and cause irreparable losses.
    After discovering that the experimental methods did not match, the technicians adjusted their ideas in time according to the fact that the density of the rock was relatively low, and switched to the core plunger steady-state method for analysis and testing, and finally obtained accurate data to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

    Strengthen technical research and improve research and development capabilities of scientific research equipment

    If a worker wants to do well, he must first sharpen his tools.
    The center gives full play to the advantages of experimental talents and equipment, strengthens technological research, and carries out research and development of experimental equipment based on scientific research projects of the branch.
    While learning and introducing new equipment and new methods, technicians concentrated their wisdom and innovative thinking, successfully optimized and transformed nearly ten old equipment, and developed many new devices, which greatly enhanced experimental capabilities and improved experimental results.
    The center has successfully developed a batch of new experimental devices and promoted them in various oil fields of Sinopec, and achieved good results.

    During the sampling and analysis process of the key shale oil exploration well, Bengshale Oil 2 Well, technicians cooperated with Wuxi Research Institute to jointly develop a shale wire cutting device to solve the technical problems of shale waterless sample preparation and speed up the research on shale oil.
    In order to accurately evaluate the gas-bearing properties of shale, the "Shale Gas-bearing Test Device for Formation Conditions" co-developed by the center can simultaneously measure adsorbed gas and free gas in shale, providing key parameters for shale reserves evaluation.
    In order to solve the problem of preparation of shale particle samples in the laboratory and improve the accuracy of later test data, technicians have developed a shale sample crushing device, which can separate cores with different characteristics, improve data relevance, and reduce fragmentation.
    The dust generated by the stone protects the health of employees in the industry.
    The project plans to apply for the branch project in 2021 and prepare to declare national patents.
    They independently researched and developed the rock sample oil-water saturation tester with patented technology.
    They undertake heavy testing tasks.
    They have completed the testing and research work of many key wells such as Chenye 1 Well and Zhong 1 Well, providing a good basis for the exploration and development of oil and gas fields.
    Strong technical support.

    In order to make characteristic experimental technologies and new devices developed to better serve scientific research and production and create good benefits, the center actively establishes a technical standard system around shale oil, shale gas and other key areas, and does a good job of national patent declaration.
    Up to now, 19 standards at all levels have been established, and 2 are under development, including 5 national/industry standards, which have become the model of relevant technical standards in the same industry.
    18 patents have been declared, including 10 technical invention patents and utility models.
    There are 8 patents, 12 of which have been authorized, which saves costs and creates value in actual scientific research and production.

    Promote laboratory construction and enhance the comprehensive strength of the laboratory

    This year is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan".
    The center has formulated and improved the laboratory's "14th Five-Year Plan" development plan.
    It plans to upgrade and integrate the laboratory on the existing basis, and build an "unconventional laboratory and enhanced oil recovery experiment.
    " There are four professional laboratories: laboratory, reservoir evaluation laboratory, and development laboratory.
    After the completion of the new laboratory, researchers in scientific research projects can participate in the preliminary experiments and discuss with the analysis and testers, so as to achieve a better integration effect and provide more powerful data support for the research and development of scientific research projects.

    This year, the center will focus on the implementation of the purchase plan of scientific research equipment for unconventional laboratory construction, the preparation and demonstration of the feasibility study report of the laboratory construction plan for enhanced oil recovery, the launch of the laboratory environmental improvement project, reasonable planning and arrangements, and ensuring that the transformation is at the same time Ensure the smooth development of scientific research and production, and lay a solid foundation for deepening the construction of green environmental protection laboratories.

    (Lou Xiaomei and Hu Chunye)

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