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    Jinling Petrochemical's liquid flow standard device passed the assessment

    • Last Update: 2021-06-29
    • Source: Internet
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      China Petrochemical News Network News Recently, Jinling Petrochemical's static mass method liquid flow standard device has successfully passed the expert assessment of Jiangsu Institute of Metrology.
    The maximum verification pipe diameter has been expanded from DN150mm to DN300mm, meeting the company's liquid flow meter verification requirements and guaranteeing factory products Accurate measurement


      The static mass method liquid flow standard device is the highest standard for the company's flow measurement.
    It is responsible for the daily verification of the company's flowmeters for energy and material measurement, as well as the internal mandatory verification of the mass flowmeters used in the import and export trade measurement

    In this verification, four items are assessed in accordance with the "Verification Regulations for Liquid Flow Standard Devices": electronic scale assessment, which assesses the accuracy and reliability of electronic scales; timer detection, which assesses the accuracy of timers; and commutator testing, using pros and cons The stroke difference method detects the symmetry of the commutator; the stability of the flow field is confirmed, and the device is required to repeatedly stabilize the index at 0.
    2% under different flow rates


      Relevant personnel collected more than 1,000 sets of data within 10 days, processed and synthesized data according to specifications
    Experts have verified that the device has passed four assessments, with an accuracy level of 0.
    05 (five ten-thousandths) technical requirements, providing reliable technical support for the company's crude oil entering the factory and product leaving the metering work


      (Chen Pingxuan Yu Jun)

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