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    Jiujiang Petrochemical's five measures to ensure the overall control of plant shutdown waste gas treatment

    • Last Update: 2021-07-23
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        From April 1, Jiujiang Petrochemical has implemented a four-year full plant inspection and modification.
    49 sets of equipment and units (including 33 sets of main production equipment) have been suspended and delivered for maintenance.
    Jiujiang Petrochemical attaches great importance to the environmental protection management of the shutdown process.
    It has sent personnel to study and study in key enterprises in key areas such as Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.
    In accordance with the most stringent standards, it has compiled and issued a green shutdown plan, and adopted the 5 most powerful control technologies and environmental protection measures.
    Make sure that the smell does not go to heaven.
    After continuous monitoring by the automatic atmospheric monitoring facility at the boundary of the Jiujiang Petrochemical Plant, the online monitoring of characteristic pollutants such as total non-methane hydrocarbons, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide have all reached the standard, and the shutdown waste gas treatment of the Jiujiang Petrochemical plant is generally controlled.

        The first is to invest more than 6 million yuan to chemically clean and deodorize the towers, containers and process pipelines to effectively eliminate odorous gases such as hydrogen sulfide during the venting process; the second is to actively introduce third-party environmental protection on the basis of airtight purging in most devices The company adopts mobile VOCs to control the towers and pipelines of styrene and other equipment that cannot be closed for the time being to achieve emission standards; third, to strengthen the management of the torch, and discharge a part of the desulfurized gas to the torch for full combustion, so as not to emit black smoke.
    There is no peculiar smell to ensure the safety of gas balance during the shutdown; the fourth is to set up a three-level environmental monitoring team, and use VOCs mobile monitoring, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia and other fixed online monitoring methods to monitor the plant and its surroundings 24 hours a day to ensure that abnormal conditions are found in a timely manner Disposal; Fifth, set up an environmental protection supervision team to supervise and inspect the implementation of environmental protection measures during the shutdown process.

        By adopting the above measures, the maximum non-methane total hydrocarbons of Jiujiang Petrochemical's characteristic pollutants online monitoring is 2.
    04 mg/m3 (standard 4 mg/m3), ammonia is 0.
    02 mg/m3 (standard 1.
    5 mg/m3), and sulfur Hydrogen is 0.
    01 mg/m3 (standard 0.
    06 mg/m3), which is far below the emission standard.
    (Yan Gang Liu Bin)

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