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    Jiujiang Petrochemical's new polypropylene product has achieved remarkable results

    • Last Update: 2021-07-30
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      Recently, Jiujiang Petrochemical has produced 516 tons of polypropylene EH01 geogrid special material, which is a new high-value product produced by Jiujiang Petrochemical, which has created a profit of 570,000 yuan for the company

      Polypropylene EH01 geogrid special material is a product with low melt index, which has many advantages such as high tensile strength, strong bearing capacity, stable structure, anti-aging and corrosion resistance, and has considerable economic benefits, which is 1100 higher than the company's existing product grades.


      Jiujiang Petrochemical is close to the market and after keenly discovering business opportunities, it uses the opportunity of equipment inspection and modification to upgrade its polypropylene equipment
    With the joint efforts of production, quality control, sales, operation and other departments, after the preliminary plan preparation, process conditions confirmation, and orderly organization of production, the production specific implementation plan was determined in only one week


      The first production of polypropylene EH01 geogrid special material is a great test for the load of the device and the operation of the extrusion granulator, and there is no experience in the reaction conditions and operating parameters
    The chemical operation department has overcome many difficulties.
    The management personnel directs on-site, the technical personnel pay close attention to the site, and the post personnel carefully operate, stick to the production process 24 hours a day, compare the analysis results within 2 hours, draw a curve to study the reaction trend, and pay close attention to the current and pressure of the gear pump.
    Continuously optimize and adjust various parameters such as poor and other key parameters, complete the product brand switching in the fastest time, and produce qualified polypropylene EH01 geogrid special materials


      (Zeng Dan and Deng Ying)

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