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    Laboratory safety management (1)

    • Last Update: 2022-02-06
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    Laboratory site safety management is an important part of safety management.

    The laboratory site is a collection of various elements of production or R&D activities, and is the "focus" of various management functions of the enterprise

    Figure 12-1 Fire caused by improper chemical storage

    The main content of on-site safety management is to find hidden dangers to orderly standardize various management functions, including the orderly standardization of material control, the orderly standardization of human operations and various behaviors, the orderly standardization of the human health environment and the production environment.

    On-site safety management is of vital importance to safe production

    First of all, strengthening on-site safety management can reduce accidents

    In addition, on-site safety management is actually an extensive safety culture education

    On the surface, on-site safety management only involves the four-dimensional space-time (T, X, Y, Z) of the job site, that is, the visual orderly management of time (timc) and three-dimensional space (X, Y, Z), which can be standardized The four-dimensional time and space on the scene reversely reforms and subverts people's old thinking mode, reverses and changes people's bad ideas, corrects people's wrong ideas, and eliminates non-compliant behaviors caused by these ideas and ideas

    On-site safety management includes inspections focusing on hidden dangers, verification of violations, questionnaire surveys, accident investigations, sign management, ledgers and files, etc.

    In the daily orderly and standardized safety management of chemical laboratories, it is best to rely on the inner power of self-discipline (self-discipline), which is of substantial significance

    On-site safety inspection is not only a matter of which department or person, from the chief to the department head, from the department head to the project leader or team leader, and from the supervisor or team leader to every employee.

    Compliance management with patrol inspection as the main form is the main method of on-site safety management.

    Compliance management first requires a set of laboratory safety management rules and regulations, and then some operable and quantifiable inspection items are refined from these SOPs, which are convenient for statistics, evaluation, announcement, purposeful rectification, and acceptance of standards.

    The high-risk assessment and rectification of the laboratory is changed to the main content of the compliance management, which aims to find and correct management defects and unsafe behaviors through the dynamic on-site management of the laboratory and the evaluation of many violations.

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