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    Malaysia's natural rubber production increased by 9% month-on-month in February

    • Last Update: 2021-07-21
    • Source: Internet
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      According to news from the foreign news agency on April 15, data released by the Malaysian Bureau of Statistics on Thursday showed that in February 2021, natural rubber production increased by 9% from 45,735 tons in January to 49,840 tons

      On a year-on-year basis, Malaysia's natural rubber production fell 0.
    1% in February


      In February 2021, Malaysia's natural rubber exports were 54,632 tons, an increase of 13.
    5% from 48,125 tons in January

    China remains the main destination for natural rubber exports, accounting for 40.
    5% of total exports in February 2021, followed by Belgium (12.
    6%), Germany (8.
    4%), Finland (3.
    9%) and the United States (2.


      Rubber gloves are the main export item.
    The export value in February was MYR5.
    8 billion, an increase of 3.
    9% from January

    The United States, Germany and China are the countries that import the most rubber gloves


      In February 2021, natural rubber stocks increased to 286,117 tons, an increase of 1.
    9% from 280,841 tons in January


      The average price of concentrated latex rose to 587.
    91 sen/kg, compared with 550.
    26 sen/kg in January

    The Malaysian standard rubber SMR 20 also rose from 628.
    58 sen/kg in January to 672.
    68 sen/kg


      The total consumption of natural rubber was 44,697 tons, a decrease of 5.
    1% from the previous month

    The rubber glove industry is still the main consumption area of ​​natural rubber, accounting for 77.
    8% of the country's total domestic consumption that month, which was 34,764 tons


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