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    Maoming Petrochemical's ethylene production exceeds the guaranteed target of 12,000 tons

    • Last Update: 2022-08-21
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    In 2019, Maoming Petrochemical Co.
    , Ltd.
    overcame difficulties, actively optimized, and tried every means to increase ethylene production.
    It achieved a record high of 7 single-day ethylene production throughout the year, with a cumulative production of 1.
    182 million tons of ethylene, exceeding the company's guaranteed target of 12,000 tons; ethylene yield was 33.
    49 %, an increase of 0.
    98% year-on-year; the diene yield was 48.
    86%, an increase of 0.
    81% year-on-year, both hitting record highs, marking a successful conclusion to 2019 with excellent results


    Facing the bottleneck factors affecting the high-load operation of the unit, the cracking workshop of Maoming Petrochemical made full use of the role of the research team.
    The personnel of the research team actively went into the research of the unit and continued to tackle the problem.
    The 0.
    69 mm is reduced to 0.
    35 mm, which lays the foundation for the smooth operation of the device under high load


    They also paid close attention to the management of key equipment cracking furnaces, implemented the "furnace length system", and distributed 18 cracking furnaces from two sets of equipment to each household


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