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    Maoming Petrochemical's oil products during the Qingming Festival holiday increased by 15% year-on-year​

    • Last Update: 2021-07-23
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        Sinopec News Network reported this year’s Qingming Festival and the weather was fine.
    With the increase of self-driving outings and tomb-sweeping ancestors, there is a strong demand for oil products.
    With full horsepower, 94,500 tons of oil products were transported out of the factory during the 3-day Qingming holiday, an increase of 15% year-on-year, which satisfies the needs of the Qingming market.

        They are market-oriented and actively adjust the product structure.
    In response to the increase in the flow of self-driving cars and the increase in demand for high-grade gasoline, they deeply optimize the operation and raw material configuration of key equipment such as catalysis and reforming to promote the continuous improvement of the refining capacity of the equipment and the continuous increase in output At the same time, they strengthened leadership and leadership, intensified inspections of "Four Nos and Two Directs", carried out in-depth inspections of the five-in-one scientific cross-over inspection of electromechanical instrumentation, management and operation, and made every effort to ensure full capacity production of the device.

        In order to ensure the continuous supply of oil products to the Ching Ming market, they take precautions and actively respond to the work of oil products leaving the factory.
    Aiming at the frequent occurrence of loading crane pipe failures that affect the actual situation of products leaving the factory, they set up a special oil platform equipment maintenance team to implement all-weather and full-process tracking services And maintenance, to ensure that the loading equipment is flexible and easy to use, to ensure that every tanker at the oil inlet can be filled with oil; at the same time, they give full play to the advantages of pipeline transportation, strengthen communication with the South China sales company, and actively explore the market demand plan.
    As soon as there is a pipeline transportation task, the process will be changed immediately, and the oil quality pipeline will be exported to the factory against time.

        (Li Yisong)

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