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    Nanyang Energy and Chemical Company's water saving and emission reduction work has achieved outstanding results

    • Last Update: 2021-07-23
    • Source: Internet
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        4 Sinopec News Network News on the 6th, the author learned from the environmental protection management department of Nanyang Energy and Chemical Company that in the first three months of this year, the company's sewage recycling volume has reached 61,200 m3, an increase of 35,400 m3 compared with the same period last year.
    The growth rate exceeded 137%.

        Since last year, Nanyang Energy and Chemical Company has conscientiously implemented the Henan Oilfield Green Enterprise Action Plan and has actively carried out the creation of green enterprises.
    The grassroots units of the company have demonstrated their abilities and abilities, and have adopted various measures to implement the concept of "dedicating clean energy and practicing green development" to build a "clean, high-efficiency, low-carbon, and circular" green enterprise.
    The goal is to promote green development, green energy, and green production, and implement the action plan for green enterprise creation.

        In terms of water saving and emission reduction, the company's water supply and drainage workshop improves the quality of sewage treatment, and provides as much high-quality sewage as possible to other units of the enterprise on the premise of ensuring 100% sewage treatment meets the standards, and uses it as recycling as much as possible.
    Use water to achieve the purpose of water saving and emission reduction.
    Since last year, the electric desalination device of the company's new joint workshop has changed from using fresh water to up-to-standard sewage.
    The spray humidification of cinder in the power workshop and the flushing of the production site have also been replaced with up-to-standard sewage.
    In addition, the company's production area environmental greening, tank washing, etc.
    , has also begun to use up-to-standard sewage.

        According to statistics, from last year to the first quarter of this year, Nanyang Energy and Chemical Company has recycled more than 260,000 cubic meters of up-to-standard wastewater, accounting for 56.
    2% of the wastewater discharged to the standard.
    This not only helps companies save water and reduce emissions, but also saves water and sewage charges.
    More than 1.
    5 million yuan.
    (Li Jiawu)

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