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    National Energy Group's first month of production and operation has a good start

    • Last Update: 2021-11-24
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently, in the face of the power consumption and heat peak of the whole society brought by the overlord cold wave that has not been encountered in decades, the National Energy Group has assumed the responsibility of the energy central enterprise, fully mobilized the potential of coal production, marketing and power production, and gave full play to its integrated advantages to ensure comprehensive protection The stable supply of coal and electricity has been improved

    As of January 31, the group's coal sales and power generation in January increased by 17.
    8% and 25.
    1% year-on-year, respectively.
    The volume of railway transportation, the volume of coal out of the two northern ports, and the volume of ship transportation increased by 10.
    4%, 13.
    9%, and 52.
    4%, respectively.

    The National Energy Group’s key indicators of coal, power, and transportation industries all set new records in history, and the task of ensuring energy supply and price stabilization in January has been fully completed, and the production and operation of 2021 will be off to a good start


    Since the winter of last year, the cold wave has swept across most areas of the country, and the electricity load in various places has risen sharply, hitting new highs repeatedly, and the supply of coal is in short supply and price fluctuations continue to intensify

    Facing the severe energy supply situation, the National Energy Group’s party group made special arrangements to resolutely fulfill the main responsibility of energy central enterprises to ensure supply and price stabilization, and make every effort to ensure the safe production and efficient operation of the industrial chain, and the implementation of various power and coal protection plans to take effect, and the epidemic Effective prevention and control

    The group’s production system takes “one resoluteness and three guarantees” as the goal, and comprehensively implements seven measures of “grabbing outsourcing, grasping foreign transportation, rushing to load ships, improving efficiency, reducing inventory, anti-freezing trucks, and ensuring supply” to meet coal sources Tensions, road closures by blizzards, port closures, waterway ice floes, high loads and other challenges, adhere to "integrated operation as a chess game", do our utmost to improve the efficiency of integrated and coordinated operations, and adhere to the fulfillment of medium and long-term contracts to ensure key enterprises And coal demand for electricity and people’s livelihood


    The self-produced coal units in the core area of ​​the National Energy Group optimize mining arrangements for each mine and work face, reasonably delay equipment maintenance, mutually adjust and supplement front-line personnel, increase production and supply, and maximize the need for integrated outbound shipping

    Self-produced coal units in eastern Inner Mongolia and the northeast region will continue to produce coal 24 hours a day in the extremely cold weather of minus 40 degrees Celsius to ensure the supply of electricity and coal in the northeast region

    The coal-purchasing unit decomposes the task of loading trucks from stations to households, and launches a battle for outsourcing coal

    Coal sales units are doing everything possible to implement the supply of coal to emergency power plants through the opening of automobile transportation channels and other methods

    Railway units optimize transportation organization, speed up the commissioning of high-power electric locomotives, increase the number of 10,000-ton and 20,000-ton trains, and make every effort to ensure high-quality transportation capacity

    The port and shipping units overcome extreme difficulties such as strong wind, fog, sea ice, and low temperature, and are equipped with the largest emergency clearance team in history to quickly unload, clear and empty vehicles, dispatch tugs to break ice in advance, and reduce the auxiliary time of unloading by 25% year-on-year , The average daily shipment volume reached a record high


    The thermal power unit of National Energy Group is based on the overall situation and takes the initiative to promote the smooth completion of the task of guaranteeing supply

    According to the coal supply situation, some power plants in North China quickly adjusted the boiler combustion method, optimized the blended coal type, and ensured the load of the unit; the Northeast region coordinated adjustments and transferred the internal thermal coal inventory to ensure that all the units were connected to the grid for power generation; thermal power in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Fujian The unit stabilizes the operation of equipment, increases the guarantee of transportation capacity, increases the fuel connection and unloading, and gives full play to the main role of regional power supply

    The new energy power generation unit comprehensively strengthened on-duty operation management, carried out preventive maintenance, operation and inspection personnel combated wind and snow, anti-freezing, and ensured the safe power generation of equipment.
    Its power generation exceeded the monthly plan by 2.
    6 billion degrees, an increase of 62.
    1% year-on-year


    Entering February, the National Energy Group studied and judged the energy supply and demand situation in the next stage in advance, scientifically compiled the production and operation plan for February, and required self-produced coal, power production, and integrated operating units during the Spring Festival to keep production and no holidays, and make every effort to ensure safety Stable production to ensure a stable supply of coal-sourced electricity


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