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    Northeast Oil and Gas: Press the "fast forward button" for natural gas production

    • Last Update: 2021-10-05
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    Sinopec News.
    com "The development of the production offensive with a daily gas output of 800,000 cubic meters is not only the need of the oil production plant itself, but also the need of the branch to seize the initiative of the annual production and operation tasks.
    We must go all out and never allow any impact on production.
    The phenomenon of progress has occurred.
    " For several days, at the morning meeting of the Songyuan Oil Production Plant of the Northeast Oil and Gas Branch, the director of the oil production plant Zhang Rujia would put forward hard demands on the recent production work of the grassroots units.

    According to the technical information room of Songyuan Oil Production Plant, there are currently 73 wells in the Longfengshan Gas Field, 60 wells are opened, and the average daily gas production is 634,600 cubic meters per day, and the average daily oil production is 73.
    5 tons per day.

    The morning report of Songyuan Oil Production Plant on March 15 showed that as of March 15, the cumulative gas production was 49,545,494, and 15.
    98% of the annual planned task of 310 million cubic meters was completed.
    The production situation is very passive and the task is extremely difficult.

    At present, in the face of the multiple impacts of spring dust, gas sales and other factors, Songyuan Oil Production Plant focuses on the daily gas production target of 800,000 square meters, compacts responsibilities, overall organizes production coordination, pays close attention to process control, and all cadres and employees are thinking about progress.
    , Going fast, collectively press the "fast forward button" for crude oil production to ensure the smooth completion of the natural gas production task in the first quarter, and firmly grasp the "initiative" of the production task.

    "In the face of difficulties, we should more scientifically and rationally decompose tasks, layer responsibilities, yield to wells, responsibilities to people, strict assessment, hard fulfillment, and complete the set tasks without compromise.
    " Talking about how to win production tasks actively, When catching up with the schedule, Zhang Rujia introduced.

    Since the beginning of the spring, in the face of the severe production situation, various departments of oil production plants and grassroots units have taken the initiative to take the initiative, keeping an eye on the production "golden" season, comprehensively controlling the entire chain of production and transportation, and keeping a close eye on the calibrated output.
    Improve the timeliness for new wells to be put into production, systematically explore the potential of old wells, and optimize the potential of old wells according to the principle of "careful selection of wells, meticulous design, and meticulous construction".
    Manage and control the decline; for the 17 pressurized wells in Longfengshan, each pressurized point produces all-day production, and through tracking and drainage, the production system of each pressurized well has been arranged in accordance with the maximum output.

    On March 13th, the first measure well this year, North 201-5HF well, was blown out after back-fracturing.
    In the early stage, the wellhead was frozen and blocked.
    The oil production plant immediately arranged methanol truck injection to remove the blockage.
    After the blockage was successfully removed, the instantaneous gas volume was measured.
    19,000 m3/day.
    The next day, the oil production plant immediately organized the well into the station and put it into production.
    The current wellhead pressure is 14.
    7MPa and the gas volume is 17,000 cubic meters per day.
    The smooth production of the well has laid the foundation for the oil production plant’s "800,000 cubic meters per day" production increase.

    In order to fully ensure the continuous production of the old wells and extend the production time rate, the Longfengshan Gas Production Management Area regularly conducts systematic drainage or venting of the Bei 201-4, Bei 213-4HF, and Bei 213-6HF wells according to the liquid output conditions.
    , Discharge the wellbore fluid and maintain the gas volume instantaneously.
    In the past week, the cumulative fluid discharge has been 16 well times, the production time rate is extended by 55 hours, and the gas volume loss is reduced by 40,000 cubic meters.

    The strength of all staff and the same pace are the key to victory.
    While rushing to produce production, all units of Songyuan Oil Production Plant have also made great "articles" on fine management, cost reduction and efficiency, safety and environmental protection, and party building.
    They have made great efforts to stimulate the vitality of all employees and contribute to the oil production plant.
    A solid foundation has been laid for the smooth realization of the "800,000 cubic meters per day" target task.
    (Kang Chaonan)

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