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    On readers' reading perspective from Anna Karenina

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Reading the fifth and seventh chapter of Anna Karenina earlier today, I have a general impression of Tolstoy's writing style

    From the plot point of view, the book can be divided into four independent love stories, namely Anna and felonsky, kiji and Levin, dolly and alkatich, Anna and Karenin

    Through the complicated relationship between these characters, the author skillfully integrates these four main lines of love into one book

    Tolstoy's writing is relatively mild, and the author's intervention is not obvious, so the readers will not pay much attention to the existence of the author when reading

    Based on several books read in this period of time, this paper makes a comparison of the perspectives brought by the author's written expressions to the readers: Anna Karenina

    The reader seems to see the scene described by the author with his own eyes, but just sitting in the stands is a pure audience perspective without much sense of participation

    Don Quixote

    The author is a storyteller standing on the stage, and the reader sits under the stage to listen to the story

    Readers know that what they enjoy is mythology, so there is no need to be present


    This is a pure stream of consciousness novel

    The reader must enter into the inner heart of the characters in the novel and stand in the perspective of the characters to read

    Reading this book, readers must interact with the environment created by the author to understand the theme

    Therefore, readers have the strongest sense of participation


    This is one of Balzac's human comedies

    From time to time, Balzac would jump out and comment on the characters

    Readers read the book from the perspective of sitting in the theater and watching the performance

    Although the plot is wonderful, it won't have too much experience

    In addition, the reader's perspective of Madame Bovary is very similar to that of Anna Karenina, but Flaubert adopts a single track structure, so the description of the characters is more detailed, so that the readers can learn more about the inner world of the characters.
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