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    Optimized process for North China Oil & Gas digital well site helps reduce costs and increase efficiency

    • Last Update: 2021-07-30
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      Sinopec News Network News As of July 28, the Dongsheng Gas Field of North China Oil and Gas Branch has built more than 300 digital wellsites, including 210 wellsite skids equipped with miscible metering flowmeters
    Through continuous optimization of wellsite processes and integrated design, the wellsite's "standardized design, factory prefabrication, modular construction, and information management" have been realized.
    The single well investment has been reduced by 1.
    85 million yuan, the construction period has been shortened by 75%, and the single well management level has been achieved.


      Dongsheng Gas Field adopts low-pressure gathering and transportation technology.
    Single-well wellsites are not heated or injected with alcohol.
    Equipment and facilities such as temperature, pressure, and metering are set up.
    Liquid-containing natural gas is measured at the wellhead and then connected in series and transported to the gathering station.
    Single-well data Realize real-time acquisition and transmission, and realize digitization


      In the early stage of gas field development, the well site was not skid-mounted.
    After the civil works were completed on site, the relevant equipment, instruments and pipe sections were transported to the well site for installation

    At the same time, the original wellsite design is very simplified, and functions such as sand removal, calibration, single well fluid production metering, and wellsite insulation have not been considered for the time being


      The Dongsheng Gas Field has low single-well production, scattered gas wells, and a large number of wells.
    Continuously optimizing wellsite design is an important part of improving the adaptability of gathering and transportation

    The ground staff of the Engineering Institute closely integrated with the site to optimize the wellsite technology

    In view of the high fluid production of a single well, a metering calibration interface is reserved and a series connection valve is set to heat the wellsite exposed pipelines and related equipment to reduce the heat loss of the wellhead process.
    In addition to the sand production situation, the setting adds sand removal The device is reserved for short connection

    Through continuous optimization, the process flow of the well site has been more perfected and adapted to the development needs of high water-cut gas reservoirs in the Dongsheng Gas Field


      During the 13th Five-Year Plan period of Dongsheng Gas Field, large-scale production has been increased.
    In view of the complex production conditions of gas wells, the continuous increase in functions of the well site will inevitably require increased investment.
    The planning and design personnel on the ground are also working hard on integration and optimization to reduce investment.

    Since the completion of the first version of the wellsite skid design in 2018, the integrated design of the desander short section, high and low pressure emergency shut-off valve, precession vortex flowmeter, series connection valve and related facilities has been realized

    After the wellsite skid is prefabricated in the factory, it can be directly transported to the site to connect the wellhead and the export pipeline before being put into use.
    The construction period of a single well site is reduced from 4 days to 1 day


      Since 2020, based on the application of mixed-phase flow meters and the optimization of replaceable sub-sections, single-well instruments and valves have been further reduced, and the investment has been reduced by 18,500 yuan per port
    At the same time, according to the well group development mode, the well group rotation metering test is carried out.
    It is proposed to use the automatic well selection rotation metering skid for the 4-well and above well groups, and it is expected that the single well investment will be reduced by more than 20%


      At present, the Dongsheng Gas Field well site skid has completed the third version of the design, and more than 100 sets will be promoted and applied in the 2021 development plan
    Through the optimization design of the well site, the adaptability to the efficient development of tight and low-permeability water-bearing gas reservoirs has been gradually improved, and has become a bright spot of the company's ground "five modernizations"


      (Peng Jie)

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