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    [Plastic] Chemical Marketing North China to protect the raw material needs of customers in Hong Kong

    • Last Update: 2022-01-26
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    Based on the requirements of accelerating the formation of a new development pattern, North China Chemicals will keep an eye on the demand for raw materials for blister products in the Hong Kong market, discover changes in demand in a timely manner, act quickly to capture opportunities, and coordinate production to meet demand.
    Since May this year, we have coordinated to increase production and export to Hong Kong.
    Tianjin Petrochemical's high-transparency
    polypropylene thermoforming special material is nearly 300 tons, which can produce about 8.
    25 million lunch boxes, an increase of 83.
    3% year-on-year, and seize the opportunity to effectively meet the needs of customers in Hong Kong.


    Chemical Marketing North China learned in May that due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the demand for the takeaway industry in Hong Kong has increased significantly, and the demand for disposable lunch boxes and other blister products is in short supply.
    The company acted immediately to capture market opportunities and spare no effort to ensure demand and supply.
    From May to now, all relevant departments have coordinated and coordinated to communicate and coordinate Tianjin Petrochemical’s timely adjustment of production schedules and increase the output of high-transparent polypropylene thermoforming special material T5015M; on the one hand, it closely connects with the largest disposable lunch box production and processing customer in Hong Kong.
    Demand for raw materials to ensure timely export.
    Especially in the past two months, faced with a large shortage of shipping containers, skyrocketing freight rates, frequent shipping delays, etc.
    , Chemical Marketing North China pays close attention to the situation of all parties, so as to "not let go of a box", and race against time to complete the review of the international letter of credit.
    Work and apply for a long enough port free and container free period in accordance with customer requirements to ensure stable production of downstream customers and protect the needs of people's livelihood in Hong Kong.

    Since the beginning of this year, Chemical Marketing North China has coordinated and scheduled the production of 4 million tons of Tianjin Petrochemical’s high-transparent polypropylene thermoforming special materials, which can produce about 120 million lunch boxes.
    The sales volume has increased by 132% year-on-year, and it has made due contributions to the supply of civilian biological materials.

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