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    [Plastic] China's first waste plastic recycling and environmental protection road opened in Shanghai

    • Last Update: 2021-06-08
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    On April 22, the 52nd Earth Day, China's first waste plastic recycling and environmental protection road was officially completed and opened on the Xuhui campus of East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai.


    According to reports, this 300-meter "plastic road" uses Dow's innovative ELVALOY? RET asphalt modification technology.
    More than 6000 waste milk bottles and other plastic waste are used to pave polymer modified asphalt ( PMA) roads.
    The innovative method not only "turns waste into road" to reduce the generation of environmental waste, compared with conventional pure asphalt pavement, this type of polymer modified asphalt has better pavement performance and is durable.

    Although milk bottles are easy to recycle, the high pollution rate caused by milk residues makes recyclers generally unwilling to accept these wastes.
    Dow uses its material science and technical expertise to introduce new solutions.
    The program collects these difficult-to-recycle plastics, processes them into PMA post-consumer recycled plastics, and then applies them to paving roads and other pavements.
    In this way, plastic waste will not enter the natural environment directly in the end.
    In addition, paving PMA roads will reduce the use of asphalt, extend the service life of roads, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

    The reason why plastics are highly valued by brands, recyclers and other value chain partners is that plastics can force all parties in the industry to jointly promote sustainable development strategies and reduce the discarding of plastic waste and affect the natural ecological environment.
    "Dow's Packaging and Specialty Plastics Business Division Asia Pacific Business Vice President Li Mingzhuang explained.
    "With our expertise in materials science, we have found new uses for discarded bottles.
    Recycled plastic milk bottles are currently used to build roads and have been successful.
    We also hope to help other brands to reduce plastic waste.

    Professor Li Tao, Vice President of East China University of Science and Technology, said: “Our school is very pleased to see the fruit of the Milk Bottle Road project today.
    As an institution of higher learning focusing on science and innovation, this cooperation provides us with a Examples of unique ways to deal with plastic waste.
    We hope to take this opportunity to inspire students to explore more non-traditional solutions in the field of sustainable development, and to promote their innovative applications to our communities in order to exert greater social value .

    According to the "Research Report on my country's PET Beverage Packaging Recycling and Utilization" issued by the China Beverage Industry Association and the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, the national beverage bottle recycling rate can reach over 94%, and the recycling situation is relatively optimistic.
    With the popularization of garbage classification in the country , The recycling of beverage bottles is expected to be further strengthened.

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