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    [Plastic] Sinopec completes weather-resistant plastic film recycling experiment in Xinjiang cotton field

    • Last Update: 2021-06-08
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    Recently, a long-lasting weather-resistant mulch film has been used in cotton fields in Aksu, Xinjiang for 240 days.
    After the completion of recycling experiments, it can be reused.
    The recycling rate is significantly better than similar products.
    It greatly reduces
    the pollution of
    plastic residual film to the land and contributes to the sustainable development of cotton fields.
    Power of science and technology.


    The film is produced using EGF-34GL special material for high weather resistance film jointly developed by Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Chemical Sales North China Branch and Zhongtian Hechuang.
    This is also the first special material for weather-resistant mulch film launched in China, and its successful application in Xinjiang cotton fields indicates that Sinopec’s high-weather-resistant mulch film technology has entered the stage of industrial application and promotion from the laboratory research stage.
    Its excellent recovery rate is conducive to protecting the ecological environment and increasing crop yields, with significant social and economic benefits.

    The rainfall in Xinjiang is scarce, and the mulching film that has the functions of water retention, water saving, temperature increase and weed control plays an important role in the continuous high yield of cotton and the increase of farmers' income.
    In the market, some plastic mulch films cannot be recycled after use.
    Once discarded mulch film fragments enter the soil, the quality of cultivated land may deteriorate.

    Weather resistance refers to the ability of a material to withstand light, heat, wind and rain, bacteria, etc.
    In recent years, Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology has devoted itself to the research and development of special materials for recyclable green weather-resistant mulch.
    The scientific research team has in-depth research on resin grades, types of additives and film processing technology, starting from multiple links such as base material selection, formulation adjustment, performance testing, industrialization amplification, etc.
    , to develop and develop special polyethylene resins with outstanding anti-aging, weather resistance and stable processability.
    It can improve the performance of weather-resistant mulch film.
    Through the joint efforts of the four parties, including the Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology, North China Chemical Marketing, Zhongtian Hechuang, and downstream users, including the production, marketing and research, the company has produced more than 800 tons of EGF-34GL special materials for high weather resistance mulching film.
    The indicators are excellent, and the physical and mechanical properties are far better than the national standards.

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