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    [Plastic] Successful domestic pilot test of octene grade polyethylene

    • Last Update: 2022-01-15
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    May 6, 2020 , is a special day for the polyethylene workshop of the Olefin Department .
    On this day, the 1-octene copolymer product PE-L F231-8 will be trial-produced.


    What is octene grade polyethylene?

    1-octene grade polyethylene refers to a polyethylene resin polymerized by using 1-octene as a comonomer.
    1-octene as a comonomer can significantly improve the mechanical processing performance, heat resistance and flexibility of polyethylene And transparency, but due to the high boiling point of 1-octene, the low reaction reactivity rate, the difficulty of degassing the powder, the easy agglomeration inside the reactor leads to shutdown, and the production difficulty is huge.
    The domestic octene grade polyethylene needs to be imported completely, and the domestic octene grade polyethylene market has been dominated by foreign countries for a long time.
    Therefore, the domestic urgent need to break the foreign technical blockade and localize the octene grade polyethylene.

    In the handover meeting, everyone was like a soldier ready to go.
    Wang Xiaofei, the director of the polyethylene workshop, explained in detail the process of cutting grades and arranged tasks.
    Then everyone was busy in the control room in an orderly manner.

    Manager Wu Wenqing and the expert from Korea Dong, two polyethylene experts, together with Zhejiang University professors, gave theoretical guidance.
    According to the predetermined plan, the workshop team members were divided into two groups.
    They went to the site to confirm the process and obey the command.
    The instructions from the control room came from the intercom.
    Everyone is simmering in their hearts and must produce polyethylene of the octene brand made in China to break the foreign technology monopoly.
    Although nervous, everyone is doing their own tasks in an orderly manner.

    Dense beads of sweat were leached on Zhang Jinqiang's forehead, and he picked up the walkie-talkie: "In the control room, the catalyst feeder has received the new catalyst, and the polymerization section is ready.

    Li Xiaobo also picked up the walkie-talkie: "The raw materials have been cut to the new process and everything is normal.
    "The multi-temperature system has been cut to octene.
    " "Recovery is normal!" "Everything in the pelletizing unit is normal!"

    Following the good news from the walkie-talkie, the final instructions came from the control room: "Octene has been injected into the reactor, everyone come back and rest, now we enter the waiting time!"

    Successful production after ten years of sharpening the sword

    The technicians and operators in the control room watched the DCS screen with furrowed brows, paying attention to every fluctuation and every change.
    Everyone is cautious at every step, for fear that a small fluctuation will cause a big impact.
    As time passed, sweat beaded continuously on the brows, and Director Wang broke the silence: "Xiao Wang, go to the marker line to take a little powder and send it to Sinochem for testing!" I was heavy and excited.
    I was in the mood to send the samples, and finally at 13:30, the analysis and testing center reported the test results, the basic performance reached the standard, the octene has participated in the polymerization, and the copolymerization is good.
    There was cheers in the control room, and everyone was full of smiles.
    We succeeded!

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