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    【Polyethylene】A brief analysis of polyethylene import and export from January to February

    • Last Update: 2022-08-22
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    According to customs statistics, the total import volume of PE in January-February 2020 was about 2.
    3651 million tons, a decrease of 6.
    74% compared with the same period last year


    Judging from historical data, the import volume of PE in January and February was lower than other months, mainly because this period was around the Spring Festival holiday, so market discussions and logistics transportation were basically stagnant.
    In February this year, China was affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic.
    The downstream operating rate is low, the domestic digestion capacity is weak, at the same time, the foreign trader returns to the market late, and the logistics and transportation recovery is slow, so the overall market transaction is limited, which greatly prevents the inflow of a large number of goods


    According to customs statistics, the total export volume of PE in January-February 2020 was about 35,200 tons, a decrease of 2.
    49% compared with the same period last year


    China is a big importer of PE, and its export volume is small, but it is obvious from the above figure that last year's export volume has increased significantly compared with 2018, mainly because the large-scale production of new production capacity in China last year had a great impact on the domestic market, so the profit Many foreign traders are tempted to export in large quantities


    In March, the epidemic began to spread in many countries around the world.
    Although the international crude oil plummeted and the domestic PE market price continued to decline, the export volume of polyolefin products produced as anti-epidemic materials may have increased significantly


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