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    Potash: I have cut the price and you are still onlookers

    • Last Update: 2022-03-28
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    The results of the second tender for Yunnan tobacco fertilizer were announced this week, and the new prices have been released one after another, which will play a certain guiding role in the potash fertilizer market before the Spring Festival.
    After the new price of salt lake potash fertilizer is determined, a series of related products will enter a price adjustment period.
    In particular, the Spring Festival Transport has started one after another, and downstream demand companies will moderately cover their positions, and transactions show signs of picking up slightly.
    Based on the analysis of various factors, the potash fertilizer market may enter a price-cutting digestion period this week.
    On the whole, the downward trend of prices remains unchanged, and the market is still unsatisfactory.
    Except for the gradual return of high-end quotations to the mainstream market in the early period, most businesses still maintained a narrow decline.
    ? Large stocks of imported potash? At present, there is a large disparity in the price of potash at the north and south ports.
    Due to weak demand in various regions, the northern market with the most serious inventory backlog is still the country's price depression.
    Large-scale traders actually release less goods, and they are becoming more price-conscious.
    Potash fertilizers at border trade ports are generally available, but Russian red potash is too large, and some of the supply has flowed to surrounding markets.
    Potash fertilizers at the Manzhouli port in Inner Mongolia are generally out of stock, and the demand has not improved.
    The spot backlog is in the warehouse of the Federal Reserve Enterprise, and the quotations are steadily falling.
    It is reported that the mainstream price of Russian red potassium is 1,900 yuan (ton price, the same below), and 62% of Russian white potassium is 2,000 yuan (car plate price, including value-added tax).
    Liaoning (Sinochem) Yingkou Port has large potash fertilizer stocks.
    The price of granular Russian red potassium and granular red potassium is 2120-2150 yuan (including value-added tax, the same below); 62% Russian white potassium and white potassium are quoted at 2150 yuan to clear the inventory.
    ? The output of domestic potash fertilizer is high? The output of potassium chloride in Qinghai is gradually increasing, but the downstream demand is insufficient.
    The branches of Qinghai Salt Lake are under great inventory pressure.
    The mainstream price of 60% potassium chloride is 2080 yuan, and the mainstream outgoing price is about 2100 yuan.
    The mainstream arrival price of Yantai Huahaizangge potassium chloride is 2150 yuan (including value-added tax).
    ? Potassium sulfate demand is sluggish? Last week, the demand for potassium sulfate was still sluggish.
    High inventory pressure coupled with increasing price cut expectations caused production companies to start operations and quotations declined to varying degrees, especially for high-end quotation companies in the early stage, which dropped by as much as 200 yuan.
    In addition, the second bidding of Yunnan tobacco fertilizer is underway, and the new bidding price will play a certain guiding role in the future market trend.
    ? Up to now, the mainstream ex-factory price of 50% powdered potassium sulphate in northern regions is 2600-2700 yuan, and the actual transaction price is 2500-2550 yuan.
    The mainstream ex-factory price in the southern region is around 2,800 yuan, and the transaction price is 2,600 to 2,700 yuan.
    The production and transportation of potassium in Xinjiang are relatively normal, but the price is upside down.
    It is reported that the mainstream export price of 51% powdered potassium sulphate is 2580-2600 yuan in various places, and the transaction is still negotiable.
    ? The international market fluctuates and declines? In the global potash fertilizer supply surplus, and China, Brazil and other large-scale negotiations still have no progress, the international potash fertilizer bulk prices continue to show a volatile downward trend, with a drop of 10 US dollars.
    The standard FOB price of potassium chloride: Vancouver is 240-282 dollars, Northwest Europe is 243-284 dollars, Jordan is 252-282 dollars, Israel is 243-282 dollars, and Southeast Asia is 275-300 dollars.
    CIF price of granular potassium chloride: Brazil 260-265 US dollars, Europe 270-285 euros.
    International FOB price of potassium sulphate: 490~510 Euros in Northwest Europe.
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