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    PVC market "low-key" in a few days to rise again

    • Last Update: 2022-06-23
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    Business News, September 17th

      , price trends

    According to the data monitored by the business agency (calcium carbide method SG5 ex-factory average price), on September 16, the domestic mainstream PVC average price was 6587.
    5 yuan/ton, an increase of 0.
    11% from the previous day, an increase of 0.
    34% from the beginning of the month, and an increase of 2.
    37% from the previous year.
    Compared with the same period, it fell by 1.


    Market analysis

    On Wednesday, the market stopped falling and rose slightly, and the price of PVC market is rising again

    It has now entered the traditional peak season of Gold, September and Silver, but the demand did not meet expectations.
    Last week, the PVC market rose first and then fell.
    The weak market continued until the beginning of this week.
    On the 16th, the PVC spot market rose steadily and slightly.
    Take Tangshan Sanyou as an example, slightly An increase of 50 yuan

    Recently, due to the continued decline in futures disks, the supply of imported goods replenishing the market, the accumulation of social inventories, and the unsatisfactory demand, the PVC peak season has been hindered, and manufacturers' quotations have slightly loosened, but the overall situation is still stable and wait-and-see

    Entering September, some companies entered autumn maintenance and production decreased.
    Although social inventories were exhausted, they were lower than last year.
    The supply was slightly loose.
    Downstream companies still maintained just-needed purchases and replenished goods on dips.
    The operating rate was higher than before.
    , Superimposed foreign demand is gradually recovering, and demand in peak season is steadily increasing

    Moreover, the raw material calcium carbide support is acceptable, so it is not easy for PVC to continue to fall, and short-term correction should not be overly pessimistic

    Overall, the current demand has not met expectations, and the market trend is volatile, but the contradiction between supply and demand is not big, and it is gradually improving

    inflection point of the PVC market is still expected .

    In terms of spot, the mainstream quotation of domestic PVC5 calcium carbide materials is around 6300-6700 yuan/ton

    At present, the mainstream of PVC5 calcium carbide in East China is around 6550-6600 yuan/ton, and the mainstream of PVC5 calcium carbide in Hebei is delivered at 6450-6550 yuan/ton, and the quotation is increased; the price of Inner Mongolia is 6230-6330 yuan/ton including tax; The price range of PVC5 calcium carbide in Hangzhou is 6550-6650 yuan/ton, and the quotation is stable; the mainstream PVC5 calcium carbide in Changzhou is 6560-6650 yuan/ton, and the quotation is raised; the mainstream price of PVC ordinary calcium carbide in Guangzhou is 6650-6750 yuan/ton.
    Minor adjustments

    Quotations around the country are mainly consolidating, with little fluctuation


    In terms of futures, the volatility was strong.
    On Wednesday, the opening price of V2101 contract was 6565, the highest price was 6605, the lowest price was 6540, and the closing price was 6585 up 30 or 0.

    The trading volume was 126,000 hands, a decrease of 3,000 hands

    The open interest was 190,000 lots, a decrease of 4,034 hands


    Region Variety Process September 16

      Guangzhou PVC calcium carbide method 6650-6750 yuan/ton
      Hebei PVC calcium carbide method 6450-6550 yuan/ton
      Hangzhou PVC calcium carbide method 6550-6650 yuan/ton
      Changzhou PVC calcium carbide method 6560-6650 yuan/ton

      Upstream crude oil, on September 15, the US WTI crude oil futures market price rose, and the main contract settlement price was reported at 38.
    28 US dollars per barrel, an increase of 1.
    02 US dollars

    Brent crude oil futures market prices rose, and the main contract settlement price was reported at 40.
    53 US dollars per barrel, an increase of 0.
    92 US dollars

    Oil prices closed up by more than 2%, mainly due to partial supply interruptions caused by the impact of the US hurricane, but demand concerns still lingered, limiting the increase in oil prices


    Ethylene, supported by cost, the external market of ethylene rose slightly

    The price of ethylene market in Asia has risen, and the market of ethylene in Europe and the United States is on an upward trend.
    The demand for the entire ethylene market is good, and the market continues to rise


    Calcium carbide, the quotation of calcium carbide in the northwest region on September 16 was temporarily stable, and was the same as the quotation on September 14

    The price of raw material blue charcoal is low, and the cost of calcium carbide is generally supported

    The downstream PVC market has risen slightly recently.
    Downstream customers are generally enthusiastic about calcium carbide procurement, and the supply of calcium carbide is normal

    In the near future, the ex-factory price of calcium carbide in Northwest China may fluctuate slightly: the manufacturer's offer is around 2,800 yuan/ton


    Market outlook forecast

    The PVC analyst of the business agency believes that the current decline in PVC futures, import sources to replenish the market, accumulation of social inventories, and demand is not up to expectations and other negative constraints, and the rise of PVC in the peak season is hindered

    However, the cost side support is acceptable.
    As companies enter the autumn maintenance and PVC exports gradually improve, the PVC market is not easy to fall deeply, and the upward shock is still the main theme.
    The market outlook needs to follow up on demand and disk trends


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