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    PVC prices continue to fall Most of the market maintains a wait-and-see attitude

    • Last Update: 2022-12-25
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    Recently, PVC futures continued to decline, downstream demand-side procurement enthusiasm is low, most of them remain on the sidelines, the overall spot transaction is less, and the mainstream market price continues to fall


    International crude oil futures fell sharply in overnight trading, coupled with the fact that the commodity market continued to perform weakly in the context of the Fed's interest rate hike at the macro level, and the energy and chemical sectors fell
    sharply during the session.

    Some PVC supply side equipment is planned to be put into operation, coupled with the current comprehensive profit of chlor-alkali enterprises is acceptable, and the starting load is expected
    to gradually increase after the upstream centralized maintenance.

    On the demand side, due to poor real estate data and the recent high temperature and heavy rainfall in some areas, it is difficult to significantly increase the starting load, there is a certain pressure on the foreign economy, Southeast Asia and India demand has weakened, the focus of export quotations has recently shifted downward, but foreign traders are cautious and wait-and-see, and new export orders have weakened

    The supply of goods in the United States is good, and the market has seized the market share in Asia, squeezing China's export share in the Southeast Asian market, and the market expects that the export volume in the future market may decline
    slightly compared with the first half of the year.
    PVC futures fell sharply, September contract holdings are high, market rumors that a small number of forward U.
    sources of goods were pre-sold to Southeast Asia in August at $1050 / ton CIF price, bears mainly in the futures 6700 line There is a profit exit, the current market atmosphere is weak in the case of futures rebound space is limited, it is recommended that participants wait and see.

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