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    PVC shrinkage increased position, and the futures price fluctuated higher

    • Last Update: 2022-12-21
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    On Monday, the PVC V2105 contract contracted and increased its position, and the futures price fluctuated higher, closing at 8695 yuan on the day, +305 yuan from the previous trading day; Volume 480149 lots, position 301327 lots, +2393, basis -45


    News: 1.
    According to Longzhong Information statistics, as of the week of March 5, the total shipment of 24 PVC production enterprises decreased by 6.
    compared with last week.
    Mainly because the downstream continues to maintain just need to purchase, there is no large order to take goods, coupled with the increase in social inventory pressure, some of the phenomenon of warehouse explosion and shutdown, resulting in a decline
    in outbound volume.
    Longzhong data shows that the average weekly operating rate of PVC production enterprises last week was 86.
    44%, down 1.
    79% month-on-month and increasing by 13.
    Among them, the operating rate of calcium carbide method was 87.
    89%, down 0.
    87% month-on-month and increasing by 10.
    97% year-on-year; The ethylene operating rate was 80.
    69%, down 5.
    42% month-on-month and increasing by 25.

    Market quotation: the mainstream price of SG-5 in Changzhou market in East China is 8650 yuan / ton, +200

    Warehouse receipt inventory: 6752 warehouse receipts, -42 sheets
    Main positions: Top 20 long positions 207511, +883, short positions 227739, -1015

    Summary: OPEC+ decided to extend the production cut agreement, crude oil soared, driving chemicals higher
    There are installations in the United States, Europe and Asia, and overseas supply is still tight
    Although domestic PVC production in February fell month-on-month, it was still much higher than the same period last year, and production in the first two months of 2021 was also higher than the same period last year, indicating sufficient
    domestic supply.
    The resumption of work of downstream enterprises is earlier
    than in previous years.
    However, due to the rapid rise in prices after the holiday, the cost of enterprises has risen, and profit margins have been compressed, resulting in the operating rate of downstream enterprises has not increased significantly, and the output of production enterprises has decreased
    Last week, domestic PVC social inventories continued to rise, indicating that PVC is still in the accumulation stage, which is expected to limit the growth of PVC to some extent
    Operationally, it is advisable
    for investors to wait and see.

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