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    Qilu Petrochemical: High-pressure polyethylene has new ways to continuously create benefits

    • Last Update: 2021-09-17
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    China Petrochemical News Network News "W182 high-pressure polyethylene new product is scheduled to be 200 tons, right?"

    "Okay, the new product is scheduled to be 60 tons.
    " On March 23, Zhu Guoqing, director of the high-pressure polyethylene workshop of Qilu Petrochemical Plastics Plant, had just received two new customer orders.
    After returning to the office from the scene, Zhu Guoqing's office phone calls continued: "This way The rhythm of the workshop is the normal work of the workshop, and I can’t keep up with the company’s development rhythm.
    ” Orders continue one after another, production schedules are urgent, and a variety of product grades are switched, making this workshop director busy.

    Optimizing the process and creating benefits is the hard core

    Since the beginning of this year, the high-pressure polyethylene plant of the Qilu Petrochemical Plastics Plant has maintained high-load operation, increasing from the original design load of 21.
    5 tons/hour to 22 tons/hour.

    By observing the operating trends of parameters, studying product indicators, and analyzing the key material that affects product output—initiator, they found that the quality of initiators entering the factory in different batches is different, which has a greater impact on product output.
    The technicians in the workshop formulate plans to strictly control the quality, and choose initiators with strong activity and stable quality.
    "Each batch of initiators that we enter the factory must be tested first, and the quality is qualified before entering the factory.
    Otherwise, the goods will be returned immediately to provide the best reaction conditions for the raw materials.
    " Zhu Guoqing said that this link is absolutely critical.

    Develop new products and adjust product structure flexibly

    The workshop flexibly schedules production according to the market situation, and produces more high-priced and profitable products in the market.
    At the same time, it tailors and develops new products according to customer needs.

    "On the second day of the Spring Festival this year, Secretary Li and I drove to visit customers.
    This trip was not in vain.
    After learning about the new product information they needed, we came back and immediately arranged R&D trial production.
    " Zhu Guoqing said I was a little excited about the production of new products.
    “Customers trust our products very much and are very satisfied with the experimental products.
    If this is not the case, they took the order right away.
    New product development is imperative, which not only creates more benefits, but also makes the workshop more efficient.
    Winning in market competition.

    The workshop closely follows the pace of the market and accurately arranges the product structure in the off-peak and peak seasons.
    From August to December of each year, the market has the greatest demand for wide mold materials 2100 and TN00.
    They maximize the output of wide film.
    According to reports, the monthly output can be increased by 1,500 tons, calculated at 500 yuan per ton, monthly It can increase the profit by 75,000 yuan.

    Strict management to ensure good growth

    The workshop regards the safe, stable and economic operation of the device as a measure of strict management, and the stable operation is the basis for increasing the output of the product.

    Since the beginning of this year, in accordance with the strict management requirements of the company and the factory, the workshop has issued and revised a variety of plans in accordance with the company’s and factory’s strict management requirements, grasped the pulse of the market, combined with the actual conditions at the end of the device’s operation, and has strengthened the staff’s meticulousness through various means such as assessment, awards, and repeated reminders.
    The intensity of operation, careful inspection, and timely watch on the meter ensures the safe and stable long-term operation of the device under high load.

    Strict management has achieved tangible results.
    The timely handling of the material leakage on February 25 this year and the timely replacement of the combined valve damage were all due to the fact that the workshop changed the two-hour inspection to one hourly, allowing employees to tighten the safety string.
    To this end, the factory and the workshop respectively rewarded two employees who discovered hidden dangers with 1,000 yuan each.

    Economic operation and cost reduction

    In addition, while the workshop continues to tackle key problems in production and operation, it also pays attention to the economic operation of the device.
    Starting from saving every kilowatt-hour of electricity and every drop of water to reduce energy consumption, they used precise statistics and careful proofreading by technicians to find out the reasons for devices that exceeded the standard in time, so that the external steam supply increased from the original 10 tons/hour to 12 tons/hour .
    In the first quarter, the workshop provided a total of 4380 tons of external steam, which achieved remarkable results by reducing costs and increasing efficiency by 610,000 yuan.

    (Yang Yang)

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