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    Qilu Petrochemical: Taking multiple measures at the same time, "three consecutive drops" save tens of millions of "small goals" each year

    • Last Update: 2021-10-12
    • Source: Internet
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    China Petrochemical News Network reported on February 22 that Dong Hui, an employee of the ethylene water supply and drainage workshop of Qilu Petrochemical Water Supply and Drainage Plant, was making fine adjustments to the outbound pressure.
    The workshop effectively reduces water supply loss by finely controlling the water supply pressure every day.

    "In 2020, the water supply and drainage plant will clean up private connections, eliminate leaks, and reduce the loss of fresh water by 1.
    162 million tons; the reused water will increase the production by 400,000 tons.
    " Sheng Wei, deputy manager of the water supply and drainage plant, described the "strictness and detail" of the water supply and drainage plant with figures.
    Management effectiveness.

    Over the past year, the water supply and drainage plant has carefully calculated the gold and abacus, grasping the big and not letting the small, and used a number of figures to explain what is meant by "bringing responsibility", "rigorous" and "hard-handed" in management.

    Strictly manage to fight against "hard wrists"

    During the period of "Hundred Days Tackling Strengths and Creating Benefits" and "Continuous Tackling Strengths and Benefits", the water supply and drainage plant widely mobilized employees to put forward production and operation suggestions, and formulated a total of investigation and punishment of private pipelines, reducing running and leaking, optimizing water sources, reducing water supply costs, and reducing water supply.
    12 effective measures such as losses.
    During the period, a total of 1.
    03 million yuan in efficiency was increased, 210% of the planned goal was completed, and the "continuous tackling of challenges and benefits" achieved remarkable results, with a total of 1,387,200 yuan completed, and 165% of the target was completed.

    On the “report card” of tackling tough problems, the water supply and drainage plant uses “achievements” one by one and “progress bar” for item-by-item management, demonstrating the determination to tackle tough problems and achieve strict management.

    The index analysis experience exchange meeting of various professional optimization groups has become a "thrombolytic agent" for water supply and drainage plants to solve technical problems.
    "Every quarter, we will conduct a full coverage of fresh water, circulating water, chemical water, and sewage professional indicator analysis and experience exchanges, and carry out research on bottlenecks.
    This action has played a key role in the improvement of various technical indicators.
    "Deputy Manager Sheng Wei introduced.

    "According to the results of each indicator, the water supply and drainage plant will reward the competition indicators that have increased by more than 10% month-on-month or year-on-year due to production management optimization measures, and the same indicator has continued to improve for more than two months; the competition indicators have regressed by more than 9%.
    Level assessment.

    "There is no closed-loop assessment, all systems are empty talk.
    " Sheng Wei opened the "List of Measures for Strict Management Work" and clicked on several of them at will.
    It is not difficult to see that the degree of dismantling and refinement of the management measures of the water supply and drainage plant has been accurate to the capillary.
    Blood vessels.

    "With goals and an evaluation framework, what remains is the guidance of the process.
    How to ignite the enthusiasm of employees for participation is the key to determining the effectiveness.
    " said Hu Hongbo, chief of the Party and Mass Comprehensive Section.
    For a long time, the water supply and drainage plant has vigorously created a good atmosphere of learning, catching up, helping and surpassing, inspiring the enthusiasm of cadres and employees to participate in the improvement of various production and operation indicators.
    Activities such as the special competition for chemical water standard ion water consumption "Capture the Red Flag" have been launched one after another, and the results have been remarkable.

    In 2020, the qualified rate of fresh water will be 100%, the qualified rate of circulating water will be 99.
    84%, and the qualified rate of chemical water will be 100%; the drainage pipeline 107# well and 3 sewage yards will meet the standard rate of 100%.
    The annual profit was 115.
    86 million yuan, an increase of 110.
    85 million yuan year-on-year.

    Knife blade inwardly plows the environmental protection "land of responsibility"

    In 2020, the water supply and drainage plant will work hard to optimize efficiency and reduce costs and increase efficiency, actively organize large-scale leak detection activities, optimize sewage reuse indicators, and save 10 million yuan in fresh water.

    In early January, in the company's second fertilizer plant, the inspection team Wang Min and Shan Yunguo of the ethylene water supply and drainage workshop of the water supply and drainage plant were investigating a section of the water supply pipeline.
    After connecting a section of the pipeline, Wang Min held the pipeline locator and set about positioning the direction and depth of the pipeline.

    "We first use the pipeline locator to confirm the direction and depth of the suspected pipeline, and after determining the location of the pipeline, we then use the relevant instrument to determine the location of the specific pipeline leakage point.
    " Wang Min from the ethylene water supply and drainage workshop said that only through the investigation can the problem be found and resolved.
    solving issues.
    In 2020, the water supply and drainage plant will increase efforts to save water and reduce emissions, and carry out a series of effective inspections on pipelines to ensure that “strict, detailed, and vigorous” management is fully penetrated in all links.

    “There are specialties in the technical industry.
    In 2020, we organized a large-scale leak investigation and remediation activity in accordance with the requirements of the group company, and established a special leak-stopping team.
    ” said Song Liming, the mobile section of the water supply and drainage plant.

    Due to interest-driven, environmental pressure and other factors, various forms of "wool wool" phenomenon have emerged one after another, and water supply and drainage plants have always been groping on the edge of innovative management methods and forms.

    In 2020, the water supply and drainage plant will increase the investigation of the fresh water private connection pipelines and pipeline leaks.
    Through the monitoring of the pipelines one by one, a total of 16 private connection pipelines have been removed, and 116 pipeline leaks have been eliminated, which has fundamentally eliminated The loss of water resources.

    At the same time, the water supply and drainage plant has made great efforts to reuse sewage.
    Through small-index labor competitions and other forms, multiple measures are taken to promote resource recycling.
    In 2020, it will increase the amount of recycling by 400,000 tons compared with 2019, which is a win-win for water saving and emission reduction.

    The water supply and drainage plant has continued to standardize and strengthen the three-agent management.
    In 2020, the cost of the three-agent auxiliary materials was 49.
    37 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 12.
    34 million yuan, and three consecutive years of tens of millions of declines have been achieved, which has made the company's cost reduction and efficiency increase.

    There is no "ceiling" for environmental protection

    For a long time, the water supply and drainage plant has been unswervingly committed to building Qilu Petrochemical's green business card.
    "We must work towards the goal of building Sinopec's first-class water services and continue to make efforts to build a solid foundation for environmental protection.
    " said Li Yudao, manager of the water supply and drainage plant.

    "It takes courage and strong management to firmly defend the bottom line of environmental protection.
    " In the face of the external environment, the water supply and drainage plant has strong management of external water and completely reversed the passive situation.
    During the period, a total of 79 supplementary agreements were signed with external companies to standardize charging prices and penalties for exceeding standards.
    The annual pollution charge was 31.
    13 million yuan, an increase of 4.
    56 million yuan over the same period last year, of which 174,300 yuan was exceeded, an increase of 159,300 yuan year-on-year.

    Establish rules and regulations, clarify responsibilities, and have no rules and regulations.
    After in-depth discussion, the external wastewater management specifications of the water supply and drainage plant, the upstream abnormal discharge emergency management specifications, and five emergency treatment procedures came into being.
    The management responsibilities and management process responsibilities are clear, and the management gear runs smoothly.

    "The'Information Express System' puts efficient and transparent management on the'fast lane', and the full establishment and improvement of information allows information to be shared.
    " Safety and environmental protection Kosunce said that the information exceeding the standard can be simultaneously presented in the first time and notified to the company director.
    Departments and upstream drainage units provide timely and accurate data support for rapid decision-making.

    Over the past year, the water supply and drainage plant has persisted in fulfilling its social responsibilities and effective sewage emergency disposal; scientifically formulated disposal plans to properly dispose of 1,280 tons of decontaminated wastewater from the chlorine leakage accident of Jiweize; adopted measures such as limiting, controlling, and stabilizing discharge, and dispatching several Ten pollutant discharge units overcome many practical difficulties such as harsh construction conditions in the field, low temperature during winter construction, and difficulty in cutting water with large amounts of water, ensuring the safe operation of sewage discharge arteries.

    At present, the situation of creating a green business card has initially appeared, and the goal of building a first-class water service has become more clear.
    "We must be prepared for danger in times of peace, soberly see the problems and deficiencies in our work, and there is no ceiling for environmental protection management.
    " Li Yudao said at the Party Committee (Expanded) Meeting of the Water Supply and Drainage Plant and the Second Staff and Member Congress of the Seventh Session.
    (Zhu Yafei)

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