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    Sales Huazhong optimizes logistics and effectively reduces costs and costs

    • Last Update: 2021-06-13
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      In the first quarter of China Petrochemical News, Sales Central China overcame the pressure of maintaining supply during the company's maintenance period, optimized the logistics "waterway + pipeline" model, implemented inter-provincial transportation of refined oil by rail, and increased the monthly gasoline handling capacity in the region more than doubled, saving transportation and miscellaneous expenses.
    More than ten million yuan.

      In response to the overhaul of Changling enterprises, the Sales Central China Company strengthened the safety management of oil depots, made full use of the advantages of pipeline transmission, stepped up the transformation project of the paraxylene pipeline, and added a gasoline pipeline to meet the demand for water transportation of gasoline resources during the maintenance period and guarantee the gasoline in Hunan.

      Starting in March, gasoline will be sent ashore to the Changling Oil Depot via the new and old pipelines at the same time, speeding up ship unloading and unloading.
    As of mid-April, more than 30 petrol ships have been unloaded at the terminal, with a handling capacity of more than 100,000 tons.
    At the same time, the connection between railway and waterway transportation was optimized, and the production and sales parties reduced costs by 5 million yuan per month.

      In response to the shortage of supply during Jiujiang's maintenance period, Sales Central China implemented Jiujiang Oil Depot terminal renovation, opened up a full range of oil product landing channels, ensured the smooth operation of the Jiujiang Pipeline, and laid a solid foundation for the optimization of resources and logistics in the Jiangxi market, especially the distribution and transportation of high-grade gasoline.
    At the same time, we will strengthen coordination with production enterprises, implement the "waterway + pipeline" logistics operation model, and improve the ability to replenish waterways and shore resources.
    After the transformation, Jiujiang Oil Depot has the ability to land multiple types of gasoline at the same time, which greatly reduces costs.
    (Shi Yan Wu Fan Zhang Zhen)

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