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    Shandong Fiberglass intends to invest nearly 800 million yuan in C-CR special fiber technological transformation project

    • Last Update: 2022-07-06
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    Today (September 3), Shandong Fiberglass Group Co.
    , Ltd.
    (hereinafter referred to as "Shandong Fiberglass") was officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange with the stock code 605006

    The prospectus shows that Shandong Fiberglass focuses on the research and development, production and sales of fiberglass and its products, and provides thermoelectric products within the scope of Yishui County

    In this IPO, Shandong Fiberglass intends to use 335 million yuan of funds raised for the technical transformation project of C-CR special fiber with an annual output of 80,000 tons and supplementary working capital

    Source: Shandong Fiberglass Prospectus The prospectus shows that from 2017 to 2019, Shandong Fiberglass's operating income was 1.
    707 billion yuan, 1.
    803 billion yuan, and 1.
    811 billion yuan; net profits deducted from non-parents were 116 million yuan, 162 million yuan, 120 million yuan

    2017-2019 company revenue and net profit deducted from the parent company.
    Source: Shandong Fiberglass Prospectus? The full range of products can meet the needs of multiple industries.
    The prospectus shows that Shandong Fiberglass has won domestic and foreign customers with its stable and high-quality product quality.
    The products are sold to most provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the country, and exported to Europe, America, Asia, Africa and many other countries and regions

    Among them, Shandong Fiberglass signed a cooperation agreement with Owens Corning (OC) in December 2015 to continue to provide Owens Corning (OC) with Advantex fiberglass products and online chopped products.
    The stable supply quality has won Owens Corning (OC) is sure

    At the same time, Shandong has a relatively complete range of fiberglass products, with a variety of product systems such as alkali-free yarn, medium alkali yarn, glass fiber decorative wall cloth, wet-laid felt, checkered cloth, etc.
    , which can meet the diversification of different industries and different customers.

    The company has a complete processing and production process, and the production capacity of each process is effectively matched, and it can produce varieties that are required by multiple industries

    In order to better capture potential customers, the company's product structure is actively adjusted according to market changes, and products are widely used in infrastructure construction, transportation and other industries

    In addition, when a certain sub-industry presents a higher risk, a complete production process and abundant product manufacturing capabilities can increase the freedom and flexibility of Shandong's fiberglass production.

    In 2019, the sales revenue of fiberglass products accounted for more than 80%.
    The prospectus disclosed that the main products of Shandong fiberglass are divided into two categories: fiberglass products and thermoelectric products

    In 2019, the company's sales revenue of fiberglass products and thermoelectric products was 1.
    503 billion yuan and 288 million yuan, respectively

    Source: Shandong Fiberglass Prospectus 1.
    Fiberglass products During the reporting period, Shandong fiberglass products mainly include alkali-free yarn, medium alkali yarn and fiberglass products.
    Different products are highly targeted in the market and can meet multiple requirements.
    Product demand in the field

    Source: Shandong Fiberglass Prospectus? 2.
    Thermal power products Shandong fiberglass thermal power products are divided into: electricity, steam, heating, and serve the company and the Yishui County area

    Source: Shandong Fiberglass Prospectus
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