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    Shanghai copper showed a restorative rebound, retracting some of last week's losses

    • Last Update: 2022-12-23
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    This week's copper price "V" shape reversed, domestic Shanghai copper showed a repair rebound, converged last week's part of the decline, as of Friday afternoon at 3 pm, Shanghai copper main 2110 contract closed at 70080 points, weekly increase of 1.
    43% or 990 yuan

    Shanghai copper

    The impact of the Fed's tightening of expected policies on the market dissipated, and the market waited for the global central bank meeting on Friday evening, the Fed's view on the follow-up economy, the news was calmer, and the Shanghai copper technical rebound was dominant
    It is worth noting that the downward pressure on the domestic economy in the second half of the year is greater, and industrial data such as exports and new orders are less than expected, which may have a certain impact on the traditional start season in September and October, and there may be a certain downward revision
    on the high point of the Shanghai copper price rebound estimated in the previous period.
    At present, Shanghai copper has little impact on the consumer side, and it is greatly affected by the surrounding markets such as the US index, and it is expected that the Shanghai copper range will fluctuate mainly
    next week.

    Spot copper rose 520 yuan this week, and the premium fluctuated greatly
    According to market news, on Wednesday morning, imported copper concentrated customs declaration of about 30,000 tons, under the sudden increase in supply, holders panic price adjustment and selling, flat water copper once reported to the discount, good copper maximum adjustment close to 200 yuan, market quotation disorder, until the afternoon of the same day gradually stabilized, Friday good copper premium stable around
    Thursday's market pulled sharply, the market's willingness to enter the market increased, and Friday's fear of heights
    In terms of import profit and loss, the market volatility intensified this week, the import profit window in the first half of the week was closed, and the rise of Shanghai copper on Thursday and Friday was higher than that of London copper, and the window was reopened, and it is now maintained around
    300 yuan / ton.

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