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    Shanghai rubber contracts opened high and went low, and the futures price closed sharply lower

    • Last Update: 2022-12-23
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    On Thursday, the Shanghai rubber RU2201 contract opened higher and lower, and the futures price closed sharply lower
    The current price closed at 13875, -4.
    31% from the previous trading day; 325110 lots, position 169087 lots, +6557, standard basis -525; Non-standard basis -1125; RU1-5 spread -185
    The NR2201 contract futures closed at 10940, -4.
    04% from the previous session; Volume 28474 lots, position volume 22187 lots, +343; NR1-2 spread -85

    Shanghai rubber

    News: In January and October, China's heavy-duty truck sales fell by 62% to 53,000 units
    In 2021, Indonesia's rubber exports are expected to be flat at 2.
    45 million tons
    New car sales in France in October fell by 31%

    Market quotation: Shanghai market 19 years state-owned full latex reported 13350 (-250) yuan / ton, Vietnam 3L reported 13000 (-150) yuan / ton
    Qingdao market STR20 stock spot reported 1760 (+0) US dollars / ton, Qingdao market STR20 November cargo reported 1770 (+10) US dollars / ton
    Qingdao area RMB Thai mix 12750 (+100) yuan / ton, RMB horse mix 12700 (+100) yuan / ton
    Hainan state-owned glue into the whole dairy plant 12200 (-300) yuan / ton, into the concentrated milk plant 12500 (-300) yuan / ton
    The purchase price of glue from dry rubber plant in Yunnan production area refers to 12.
    2-13 (-0.
    1/0) yuan/kg, and the purchase price of glue in concentrated dairy plant refers to 12.
    3 (0/0) yuan/kg
    Field glue in Hat Yai raw material market in Thailand 54.
    2 (-0.
    3) baht/kg; Cup glue 48.
    25 (-0.
    25) baht/kg
    Synthetic rubber: Qilu petrochemical styrene-butadiene rubber in North China 1502 market price 13400 (-400) yuan / ton; The market price of cis-butadiene rubber is 13900 (-300) yuan / ton

    Warehouse receipt inventory: RU warehouse receipt 239140 tons, +1940 tons; NR warehouse receipt 31732 tons, + 0 tons
    Main positions: RU2201 top 20 long positions 78108, +3057; short positions 108552, +6742; long and short increase, net short increase

    Summary: Recently, there is still a lot of rainfall in the main producing areas, the raw materials in southern Thailand are still tight, and the northeast of Thailand has entered a peak production period; Domestic Yunnan production area output is normal, but will usher in a stop in late November, and Hainan production area is still affected by rainy weather
    The arrival of natural rubber in October was less than expected, and it is expected that there is a possibility of a slight increase in November, but it is necessary to pay attention to the weather conditions
    in Southeast Asian production areas.
    Due to the relative concentration of natural rubber imports in the middle and late months of last month and the poor downstream procurement, the destocking in Qingdao slowed down
    Last week, the operating rate of domestic tire factories increased month-on-month, as some maintenance manufacturers resumed work, but individual manufacturers moderately reduced production due to environmental protection, power rationing and other factors, limiting the overall increase
    At present, the pressure on finished product inventory in tire factories has been significantly alleviated, and due to the low raw material inventory, short-term storage of raw material inventory is expected
    On the market, the RU2201 contract increased its position to the downside, the futures price fell below the previous support, and the short-term may fall by inertia

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