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    Shengli Offshore Chengbei 27A-C3 well completed operation and test pumping

    • Last Update: 2021-07-19
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        Sinopec News Network reported on March 31, Shengli Offshore Chengbei 27A-C3 well entered the trial pumping stage, marking the completion of the well construction.

        Chengbei 27A-C3 well is a side-drilling drill using the original borehole, and the overall reservoir properties of the reservoir are low in permeability.
    Moreover, the oil layer of this well is highly sensitive, and the fluid entering the well is easy to leak and damage the formation, increase the seepage resistance, affect the fluid supply capacity of the formation and the lifting efficiency of the electric pump, and it is necessary to minimize the invasion of the fluid into the formation.
    The well has a large inclination, a high level of formation pressure, and a large pressure coefficient.
    It is necessary to focus on well control during the operation.

        In view of the various characteristics and difficulties of Chengbei 27A-C3 well, the formulation of perforating fluid was discussed and optimized, using filtered seawater as the base fluid, adding anti-emulsifiers, surfactants, stabilizers and scale inhibitors in scientific proportioning.
    The well completion adopts the integrated technology of negative pressure perforation and gun retention oil layer isolation, which further reduces leakage, protects the oil layer, and fully guarantees the safety of well control.

        The 6 oil test teams of the Shengli Downhole Marine Trial Engineering Department responsible for this construction have clear goals, cultivated forge ahead, guided cadres and employees to base themselves on their positions, strengthened their sense of responsibility, and highlighted their responsibility.
    During the construction of the well, the team focused on quality control and construction progress, focusing on “double excellent”, focusing on well deployment of well fluids, and doing well in oil layer protection work with high standards.
    At the construction site, the leading cadres of the team led the team to play the excellent >In the end, the oil test team 6 successfully completed the various operations of Chengbei 27A-C3 well in just 12 days, with a success rate of 100%.

        (Chen Ran)

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