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    Shijian Zhongke ethylene cracking furnace 28 large switching valves installed

    • Last Update: 2022-08-21
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    Under the careful organization and vigorous coordination of the Tenth Construction Zhongke Project, after the strict inspection and control of the technical quality and equipment management personnel of all parties involved in the construction, as well as the close cooperation of the cracking furnace installation pipe riveting, hoisting and hoisting personnel, the Zhongke Refining and Chemical Project 800,000 tons/year ethylene steam cracking unit, 24 sets of cracking gas pipeline inlet and outlet switching large valve equipment on 7 cracking furnaces, the installation and alignment were completed on December 5, and the process piping began


    There are 4 large cracking gas switching valves on each cracking furnace of the steam cracking unit, and 28 large cracking gas valves are installed on the pipe gallery frame of the cracking furnace area with a height of 24 meters.
    1 meters, 1.
    1 meters wide, 6 meters high, and 14 large valves weighing 13 tons, the valve hole diameter is 1.
    05 meters, and the other 14 valve holes are 0.
    9 meters in diameter, because the cracked gas is high temperature, flammable and explosive Therefore, the installation of 28 large pyrolysis gas valves requires high technical quality and strict control.
    It is a tough installation of high quality standards


    I saw at the installation site that after each large pyrolysis gas valve was delivered to the site, Shijian Company immediately notified the owner, contractors, supervisors and other quality inspectors to conduct a total inspection and acceptance of the valve quality, which was carried out in two steps.
    Place the large valve horizontally on the ground road wood, carefully check whether every part above the large valve is in good condition, especially when switching the large valve plate, and carefully check whether there are scratches under the illumination of the concentrating flashlight, and the recesses are not visible.
    Just reach in and touch it carefully.
    After checking it is correct, let the hoisting and lifting personnel erect the large valve, and then carefully check the other side that was originally located below.
    After the inspection and acceptance are qualified and signed, the construction team is allowed to hoist


    During the hoisting process of each pyrolysis gas valve, quality inspectors and equipment personnel are always nailed on the site, supervising the lifting and pipe riveting personnel to implement in strict accordance with the technical requirements of the plan.
    Tighten the sliding rope to prevent the valve from swinging and prevent it from contacting the surrounding steel structure frame.
    Steady up and down, handle with care, and carefully install each valve in place


    In the alignment of the installation after the large valve is in place, in order to ensure that each large valve is properly installed, Shijian selected senior foreman with excellent technology, high quality and rich experience to be responsible for the alignment of the large valve.
    Just like the high-precision equipment such as compressors, adjust the verticality and horizontality deviation of each valve flange to within the design requirements of 4 to 5 mm.
    The pipeline has created conditions for stress-free piping


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