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    Sino-Korea Petrochemical's ethylene oxide output hits a new high 

    • Last Update: 2021-12-04
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      From January to October this year, Sinopec Corp.
    kept up with the market rhythm, continuously tapped the potential for profit creation, and made every effort to produce high-priced and profitable products

    As of the end of October, the company's total ethylene oxide output this year reached 214,500 tons, surpassing last year's annual output of 90,000 tons, a record high


      Ethylene oxide has always been the most profitable product in the Sino-Korea Petrochemical ethylene chain, but due to the design capacity and factory capacity, the potential of the device cannot be fully released
    During the overhaul last year, Sino-Korea Petrochemical optimized the ethylene oxide refining unit, replaced more efficient tower internals, and carried out adaptive transformation of the auxiliary system.
    The ethylene oxide refining system has an annual production capacity of 270,000 tons

    At the same time, they also opened up the pipelines of downstream enterprises in the ethylene oxide pipeline transportation chemical zone to improve the ability of products to leave the factory, and the problem of "neck stuck" was solved


      In order to fully tap the efficiency potential of the device, Sino-Korea Petrochemical established an optimization team to tackle the problem of restricting the high-load operation of ethylene oxide
    In response to the problem of high aldehyde content in ethylene oxide products, they adopted necessary de-aldehyde measures to ensure that the aldehyde content is stable; they formulated operating fingerings to avoid large changes in tower conditions caused by operating adjustments, resulting in product quality fluctuations

    After research and optimization, the maximum ethylene oxide production capacity reached 33.
    75 tons/hour


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