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    Southwest Material Supply makes every effort to ensure the smooth construction of the first daily-rate test well

    • Last Update: 2021-06-09
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      Recently, the Southwest Oil and Gas Branch deployed the Dongfeng 103 well located in Lianghe Village, Danshan Town, Yanjiang District, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province.
    The well was the first "day-rate management" deployed by the company.
    The test well has a design depth of 1912 meters.

      "Daily fee system management" refers to the method of paying the drilling unit on a daily basis in accordance with the agreed daily rate.
    Compared with the current large-scale contract system, the daily fee system is conducive to risk management and control.
    It can effectively control the drilling cost, construction quality, construction period and other drilling costs.
    It is an important measure to actively explore the "speed and efficiency" of drilling construction.

      Since receiving the drilling task of Dongfeng 103 Well, the relevant business departments of the Material Supply Center have entered a state of "combat" for all employees.
    Intervene in engineering project design in advance, put forward requirements standardization recommendations, and avoid sporadic emergency procurement; refine technical specifications and quality acceptance standards with technical and design departments to avoid material quality risks at the source; sort out a number of reasonable procurement cycles for materials and determine material procurement methods And process control plan; prepare the logistics and transportation plan in advance, coordinate the delivery and delivery and material storage in accordance with the on-site construction schedule, and arrange special personnel to carry out on-site tracking services, and go all out to ensure the smooth construction of Dongfeng 103 well.

      In order to standardize the operation of the material supply process and improve the "daily fee management" work system, the material supply center summarizes the previous experience and focuses on the goal of "speeding up and increasing efficiency" on drilling materials.
    To transfer the required materials such as drill bits, screws and drilling fluids into supply A, the materials and equipment department of the headquarters will organize and sign a framework agreement.
    According to the headquarters framework agreement, the material supply center adopts the supplier's "consignment" model to carry out supply work.
    After the materials are delivered to the site, Party A is still responsible for the unified coordination and management, and rationally arranges the use according to the technical parameters of the materials and the on-site construction schedule.
    It not only promotes resource sharing with engineering companies to avoid overstocking of assets, but also actively explores a reproducible and extendable standardized "daily fee management" model suitable for branch drilling operations.

      According to the branch company’s 2021 “four mentions and one drop” work requirements, combined with the investment breakdown of the Dongfeng 103 Well feasibility study, through the implementation of the “daily fee management” model, the drilling and completion cycle is expected to be shortened by 10%.
    Drilling costs are reduced by about 10%, achieving the goal of "speeding up and increasing efficiency".

      (Wan Bin, Xiao Qingkun, Li Wangxing)

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