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    Southwestern oil and gas shale gas geological engineering integration has achieved remarkable results

    • Last Update: 2021-09-19
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    Sinopec News Network reported on September 5 that the Weiye 31-10HF and Weiye 41-3HF wells in the Weirong shale gas field of the Southwest Oil and Gas Company were completed successively, and the drilling encounter rate of high-quality reservoirs reached 100%

    This year, the Southwest Oil and Gas Branch completed a total of 35 horizontal wells, of which 24 horizontal wells have a high-quality reservoir encounter rate of 100%.

    Since the beginning of this year, the company’s geosteering tracking team has used geology, geophysical prospecting, and engineering in areas with large fracture development and structural changes, and used relevant technologies for key point control of the tilting section and fine adjustment of the horizontal section, which has not only achieved accurate target hits.
    , And to ensure that the horizontal section of the drilling trajectory runs through high-quality reservoirs, and the steering ability of horizontal wells in complex structural zones continues to improve

    The team is composed of the shale gas project department, the exploration and development research institute, the engineering technology research institute, the supervision center, the mud logging company and the on-site construction unit.
    The team members work together to formulate the "Weirong Page Drilling Tracking Management Measures for Production and Construction of Rock Gas Field", and the specifications of "Geological Steering Technology and Site Management of Weirong Gas Field" have been improved

    Geology and engineering are closely connected, and data are fully compared and analyzed through information systems such as petroleum engineering, and real-time tracking is performed 24 hours a day to make timely geological predictions and strengthen trajectory control to ensure rapid decision-making, control and risk warning

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